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    Samsung SM951 VPV128 & ASUS Z97-WS with PEX8747 Performance ...

    My Z97-WS has a 2xSLI setup occupying PCIe x16 slots #1 and #5 as suggested by the manual for dual SLI configurations. I wish to add a Samsung SM951 VPV128 but don't know if will work at advertised speeds.

    The on-board M.2 port seems to be inappropriately wired to be able to provide the advertised speedsof the SM951 VPV128, so I was thinking of bypassing that bottleneck with a M.2 -> PCIe x4 Gen3 adapter card (ASUS Hyper M.2).

    How would the SM951 perform in such an adapter card if seated in either PCIe slot #4 or PCIe slot #7 and how would it affect the operation of the SLI setup occupying PCIe slots #1 and #5?



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