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Thread: Onboard Audio

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    Onboard Audio

    Just wondering how many of you use it?

    What do you think of the sound quality?

    Did you buy a soundcard to use instead?

    Anyone know of any in depth reviews of the onboard audio?

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    ROG Enthusiast Array kaese PC Specs
    kaese PC Specs
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    Oct 2014

    I am very happy with the onboard sound. No need for an extra sound card for me. Thus I sold my Asus Xonar Phoebus PCI sound card as I like more the onboard sound. I could not detect any difference in sound quality between the internal and external sound signal generation, the onboard sounds warmer though - what I like.

    I am using a Denon AVR-1801amplifier and 5.1 analog.

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    I was a bit concerned about how good/bad the sound quality of the onboard audio was going to be, but it turned out to be very good. I am very happy with it.

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    Graphics Card #2Gigabyte Gaming G1 980Ti SLI
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    I use the onboard audio as well. No complaints at all.

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    total junk for decent headphones, the 600ohm rating is a total lie, it cannot power 150ohm cans with any depth, Asus posted on here admitting this is the case and an alternative solution should be sought for decent headphones. I went with the creative zxr.

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    Graphics Card #2NVIDIA Quadro GP100GL/16GB, 16xPCIe3, NVLink1 (SLI-HB)
    Sound CardJDS Labs O2+ODAC (RevB), USB2 UAC1
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    It's an Asus-programmed Realtek ALC1150 part, standard datasheet circuit with L+R channel separation and better-than-required caps.

    I use it, along with 50-Ohm amp/speakers/headphones, sounds fine enough to my ears. I've noticed that sound quality varies far more from the audio source (game or player software) than from the audio hardware.

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    Im really picky with sound, and I listen to a lot of music. Got myself a creative x7 with a pair of bookshelf passive speakers, gave up on 5.1, and are very pleased. Also got a zxr but installed it on the second computer, x7 is as pure audiophile as it can get on a pc. Comparing logitech z5500 5.1 speakers to the sound of amplified stereo passive bookshelf speakers on the x7 I ditched the z5500 without hesitation, and z5500 are good... The power I get from the x7 is brutal, on 5% volume it is so loud ... And the sound is really crisp and all the details emerge, I actually hear all the subtle details with clarity on my flac collections. Onboard sound is just not for me anymore, im very difficult to please when it comes to sound and music listening...

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    Hopper64 PC Specs
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    Sound CardCreative SB AE7
    MonitorAsus ROG PG349Q
    Storage #1Intel 905p M.2 360G
    CPU CoolerEKWB Magnitude RGB and Quantum Kinetic D5
    CasePhanteks Enthoo Elite
    Power SupplyCorsair AX1600i
    Keyboard Asus Strix Flare
    Mouse Asus ROG Gladius II Origin
    OS Windows 10 64
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    I like my SBZ card better than the onboard sound. Purely subjective.

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    Well I'm asking because I already had a SBZ before I got this motherboard and going by the looks and the manual it seem like they made a real effort but I never tried it. I might give it a go.

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