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    Nothing fancy from the 980ti Strix Box

    Hey guys, i was planning to post my first excitement but it turned to be a bit disappointment after unboxing this beast of gtx 980 ti strix card. I do not understand how Asus dont include anything that gives some fancy visual for the enviroment?
    That is the most expensive and strongest card compare to its competitors but all I get from box is a poor laser sticker. I expected a cool metal badge for my case some sticker with ROG theme on it. After research I ve found that gtx 980 ti poseidon has at least a ROG badge?
    I dont want to be rude but what the hell, isnt this 649$ card not good for ROG theme? No metal ROG badge no poster or anything to show around. I cleared remains of my EVGA gtx 970 and its so empty now.
    I wonder if you find this normal a CD a manual a 8pin to 6pin power cable splitter and a simple strix sticker.

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