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    Rampage V Extreme QCODE 6F booting from sleep

    So, yesterday I put my monitor to "sleep" or I guess "rest" its called when translated to English from my language. There is Another option called "Power/sleep saving mode)" that happens 1 hour after a while when the computer has been unused but I dont know the difference between them. I come back to the computer later, perfectly timed when everyone was waiting for the Xmas food. click my mouse and the computer starts booting and then turns off, starts booting again, turns off again. I tried to turn it off by tap hitting the Power button, nothing happens. Holding it down turned it off, starts again. In the end the only thing that was left to do was to kill the Power fast as **** on the back off the computer, starting it again and it now doesnt get Connection with keyboard and screen(that **** has happened Before on this and other computers, I have a PG27AQ now). I disconnected Ethernet Cables, mouse, keyboard switched DP-port etc and got my computer on now.

    I am, as you now worried as **** cause this was a VERY expensive computer. I dont see any difference in temperatures and its QCODE 40(Usually I have AA,40 or 30). I will never put my computer in "Sleep" again.

    Now my question to the forum, what can I do to check what was going on? I read the manual QCODE didnt give me much let me see if i can find the manual online

    6B-6F System Agent DXE Initialization (System Agent module specific)

    I appreciate some help here but I know most of you have christmas today so merry christmas and thanks on forhead.

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    Post your Full system specs and if your running a overclock etc or not and what Ram you have installed and its operating speed.

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    I had a number of issues when I started my rig for the first few times. I know it sounds stupid, but unplug, take out all your pieces and put them back in. I had to do this several times before my rig finally ran. This is the honest truth. I did nothing more more than remove and reinstall components to get my build running. I almost gave up.

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    Qwinn PC Specs
    MotherboardRampage V Extreme - BIOS 3301
    Processor5930K @ 4.4 GHz Adaptive 1.27v / 4.2 Ghz cache Offset +0.27v / Input 1.92v / LLC7
    Memory (part number)G.Skill 32gb DDR4-2666Mhz 15-15-15-35-CR2 1.2v at XMP settings
    Graphics Card #1Gigabyte Gaming G1 980Ti OC to 1455Mhz Core 8000Mhz memory at Stock Voltage
    Graphics Card #2Gigabyte Gaming G1 980Ti SLI
    MonitorROG Swift PG278Q
    Storage #1Intel 750 PCIe 1.2TB
    Storage #2Sandisk Ultra II 960GB SSD
    CPU CoolerThermaltake Water 3.0 Ultimate (360" rad AIO)
    CaseThermalTake v71 Full Tower
    Power SupplyEVGA SuperNOVA 1200 P2
    Keyboard Saitek Eclipse II
    Mouse Razer A5090 Master of Destiny
    OS Windows 10 Professional 64 bit Build 10586

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    Qcodes 30 and 40 are harmless, they just mean your computer was woken from sleep mode since your last full shutdown.

    That said, there are enough reports of problems with sleep/hibernation/fast boot that I've just disabled them all, and I'm not regretting it at all.

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