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    My nightmare of an experience with a ROG G750JZ - Mexican users beware!

    Hello all!

    I've had this issue for far too long...

    Long story short: "Something's going on with my ROG 750JZ.

    It used to work OK, but lately I've noticed I lose brightness every now and then (screen drops its brightness) and FPS drop by half."

    What's happening was that something's wrong with the power supply or motherboard, and the computer switches to battery power every now and then. This problem is pretty common:

    Anyway, my first post happened within my warranty period, unfortunately I waited too long and sent back the laptop in November.

    And nothing has happened, other than Asus Mexico sending me back my laptop in even worse shape than before (when I received it, I couldn't even power it on) during the last week of November. I sent it back, and they returned it today.... and all they fixed was that now the laptop does turn itself on. But nothing more. They said they couldn't find the issue.

    I've been a month and a half without my laptop. Tomorrow, or the day after, when I sent it back, I'll have done so three times in a row. I've talked 5 or 6 times with tech support. I've asked them to call me when testing the unit so I can guide them step by step on how to reproduce it. I've mailed them 3 or 4 times describing the problem in detail. I've pointed out the 4 or 5 threads on this site regarding the issue. I even wrote down the issue on the box where I shipped my laptop. Yes, I shot an angry mail at them the first week of December. Nothing helped.

    Apparently, they couldn't care less about what I wrote, because they simply ignore it.

    Heck, I even installed 3DMarks and asked them to try running the benchmark mode so they could see by themselves the issue. I got a note back that said "Ran Funmark and 3dMatch. No issue".

    I've become so infuriated at them (not Asus Taiwan, not Asus US, but Asus Mexico) that I bought a new computer. I just need one for work and can't wait yet another month or two for them to finally fix this issue. Sadly, it's not a gaming rig. It's just something to work with. I guess my "gamer" days are over.

    And anyway, at this point I can't even be sure what they did to the laptop. They could have switched my motherboard for someone else's the first time around - since I delivered them a functional laptop and they returned one that didn't even turn itself on. That's suspicious - they received the laptop in working condition and supposedly sent it back in perfect shape, and now they say they changed parts of the display. So how will I know when / if they decide to fix it that I'm paying a fair price?

    I'm done with Asus Mexico. To anyone reading this - don't buy Asus in Mexico. The computers are great, service is terrible (obviously, my new laptop isn't an Asus, and it has a generous warranty).
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