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    Luxmark.exe crashing

    Ok so when I run the stress test in RealBench I keep getting a black screen, the driver stopped responding message and Luxmark.exe stopped working.

    My initial thought was instability, however with my whole system at stock I'd still get the same thing happening.

    Anyway after much experimentation it turns out when I don't run certain monitoring software I don't get the crash.

    Monitoring software such aida64 causes the crash. When I close aida64 and then run the stress test, RealBench shows "Result Hash Match!"

    So my question to you is, is my system unstable? Or can I just simply assume for whatever reason that certain monitoring software causes a conflict?

    Surely if my system was really unstable I'd get the crash regardless? But the other side of me thinks that I should be able to have monitoring software work in the background .

    I'd be curious to know if this is a known bug, perhaps monitoring software polling gpu readings causes a crash in luxmark, but in saying that EVGA precision X runs fine in the background.
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