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    Windows 10 clean install, mouse and KB not working AFTER Display Driver Update

    My MB is the Z97 - Pro Gamer
    My reason for asking here is that when I am in Win 10 Before the Display Driver Update Install) and I can install the Intel Chip set etc from the MB Disk there is no USB drivers visible on the disk. But when installing from within Win 7 there IS the USB Driver install option visible on the MB disk. ??? I can't find any Win 10 USB drivers for this MB

    I am trying, for the 6 or 7th time, to do a clean install of win 10 pro via media creation tool uploaded onto a USB flash drive.
    At first everything goes well, with the mouse and keyboard working as they should.
    Then I get the notice that win 10 has installed a Display Driver and that I must reboot.
    After the reboot my Mouse & Keyboard do not work at all. It's like win 10 thinks I'm on a touch screen, or???
    I have reinstall again and again now I have exhausted all my ideas and here I am.
    MS support community has not solved this as of yet.

    Mouse is USB and KB is the old MS Natural PS/2 and they both are fine until the reboot. What the heck is going on??

    Thanks for your time any help.

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