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    Post Help with laptop please

    I have a ROG G46VW I bought a few years ago. I made the mistake of not redoing the OS to WIn 7. (Have 10 now)

    Works pretty well, but a few things bother me.

    1) When I am browsing the internet and such, it is prone to maxing out memory or disk and sometimes CPU.

    What could I be doing? usually 10 tabs or less, up 30.

    I have a bunch of crap that keeps opening, like Cortana. I can't get it to stop opening.

    What is System Interrups? Antimalware service executable? Windows shell experience host? Service Host: Local System (Network restricted 12)

    I think someone who said they know what they are doing allocated data or ram or someting for that. I honestly don't remember what they did. How can I check my RAM and memory and CPU and compare to factory standards?

    If I get better RAM, what is compatible? Will that help?

    Also, sometimes the laptop will make this "Winding down" noise and then shut down instantly. What is that? Why?

    A little about the PC

    Any tips?

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