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    ( please also reffer to the pictuered post, 4 posts from here )

    I upgraded my G20CB with an M.2 drive the other day and I hope I can answer your questions:

    Quote Originally Posted by 1bad50 View Post
    1.) Does the G20CB-B10 have a M.2 PCIe Gen3 x4 connector on the motherboard ??? Have you seen one ??? Can you post a jpeg??? Where is it located ???
    Yes, the G20CB has an M.2 PCIe Gen3 x4 connector 2280, which supports NVMe, and I have seen it.
    Getting there is a little tricky, though. Watch this video at the 4 minute mark to get a first impression.
    - remove the top cover
    - remove the side panel ( one top and one bottom screw, pay attention to the attached cable, which is required for the LED goodness )
    - remove 3 screws for the backplate
    - remove the Graphics card ( 3 screws ), to be able to remove the CPU cooler (!)
    - remove the gpu blowers ( 5 screws )
    - remove the dvd drive ( 1 screw )
    - remove the cpu cooler ( 4 screws near the cpu, 2 of them can be reached when removing the sticky lid on the top, 1 more screws on the top of the case)
    - remove the drive cage ( 2 screws on the outside of the cage, holding the ssd in place, 1 more screw on the top )
    - et voila, an M.2 2280 connector

    re-assemble in opposite order, remember to clean the cpu-cooler from thermal paste and apply some new

    Quote Originally Posted by 1bad50 View Post
    2.) There seems to be different M.2 key configurations, widths, lengths... What fits this machine ???
    yep, formfactor 2280.

    Quote Originally Posted by 1bad50 View Post
    3.) Is this machine NVMe compatible ??? Does it need an update ??? Where do I find that ??? Did not see it on Asus Support Site...Can I use SAMSUNG 950 PRO M.2 512GB PCI-Express 3.0 x4 Internal Solid State Drive (SSD) MZ-V5P512BW ???
    Yes, the drive runs at NVMe. Sorry, I don't get your concerns regarding an update.
    Though, you cannot use an 950 Pro. Why, you will ask? The M.2 on the G20CB is limited to 250 Gigabytes, and the 950 Pro minimum size is 500 Gigs.
    Your options are 850 Pro, or the new 960 Evo

    Quote Originally Posted by 1bad50 View Post
    4.) How do I transfer the recovery files to a flash drive ??? Want the M.2 to be the OS / programs drive...saw an article that said Windows will need to have two SATA drives dedicated...huh ??? I have not found a legit manual for this machine...
    Many M.2-Sticks come with a data transfer software, so the samsung drives. That one is easy, give it a try.
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