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    Intel RST driver issues

    Hi there,

    It seems that the Intel RST (Rapid storage technology) diver is messing up quite largely.

    On the initial Asus install that came with the system, my G53JW would hang at the "Starting Windows" animation screen. If I restarted the laptop once or twice, I would be able to enter windows and everything would be fine.

    When I did a fresh install with a windows 7 install CD, I noticed that windows would not boot at all and instead just hang after the "Starting windows" animation and then proceed to blue screen and restart. This is after I installed the RST driver, and only that driver. I tried it twice, but encountered the same experience.

    If someone could shed some light on why i'm experiencing this, I would be greatly appreciative. I notice that there aren't any other people experiencing this and was just wondering why?

    Thanks in advance

    PS: I am also experiencing what seems to be laggy data rates via the hard drives. I am using the original WD Scorptio Blue 5400rpm 500gb drive that came with the system as well as a 500gb Seagate Momentus 7200rpm drive for my OS and game HD. I checked the Momentus in another laptop by running HDtach and read/write and access times were fine.


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    I do not have the experiance with RST to know if its an issue with Intel Rapid Storage Technology, but the symptoms you are describing may indicate a failing hard drive, or possibly memory issues.

    Aside from upgrading and downgrading your RST driver, I recomend first running MemTest X86, this requires burning the ISO to a CD and booting from it.

    If there are no memory errors detected I recomend installing your Operating System on a different hard drive.

    let me know if this helps.

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    Did you format the drive(s) when you tried the fresh reinstall? Either before or after trying the things V2-V3 mentioned, I recommend formatting the drives and trying to clean reinstall again. Let us know how it goes.

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    No dice...

    I've tried all three suggestions and still no go... Tried two separate HDs, tried memtest to test my memory which came back with no errors, and finally tried formating the HD's to 0s to see if that would help. Nothing...

    No idea what the heck is going on here. Still very laggy performance...

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    Since Asus was of no use AGAIN...

    (g51vx, P7P55D MB, Crosshair III Formula all had issues and all were solved by the user because of lack of an Asus Tech Support dept)

    Anyways, enough bickering about Asus's lack of customer service because i've found that it goes absolutely NOWHERE...

    For the LONGEST time I was experiencing HORRIBLE performance issues with my G53JW-XR1. Very laggy performance in both startup, gaming and everyday tasks. I initially thought that it might be a corruption of some file in the initial version of windows that was provided to me by Asus so I tried a fresh install from a Windows 7 64 CD that I had lying around. That didn't work... I then tried updating NVidia drivers, tried altering drivers and so on...

    When I couldn't figure it out on my own, I contacted the Asus tech department and inquired as to what I good way to resolve this issue would be. I was told such things as (Restart the computer, hold down the power button for 30 seconds and then when that didn't work, they gave me the tried and true "We'll i'll give you an RMA number". I told them to forget it because it was still working and the fact of the matter was that I would most likely receive the laptop back in the same working condition as I have with my other Asus components in the past.

    The way I finally fixed everything was to re-flash the bios from the Asus website. Upon reflashing the bios, I was then able to install IST and is essentially became like a new computer, night and day.

    Anyways, if anybody is experiencing these issues, I hope this helps you somehow. I don't know if there was a bad flash when the laptop was being constructed or what, but i'm glad that it's fixed. It really is amazing the difference between before and after.


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