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    *Post Your Pictures* - IPS TV and PC Monitor picture challenge

    Hello all,

    Thank you for visiting this forum page,

    I've created this page for all users to post pictures of their own TV's and Monitors as a challenge.
    I feel Asus does not understand the horrible situation of their new Swift monitors with IPS panels.

    Users are getting the wrong impression that "all" IPS panels should have white and yellow backlight bleed or how some are getting confused and calling it "IPS glow", i want these pictures to show how a true IPS monitor should look while in dark situations.

    This is my challenge to all users on this forum, this includes TV's and Monitors which use an IPS panel.

    Image must be taken while in a dark or dimly lit room.
    Image on the TV or Monitor must be a black background.
    TV/Monitor must be that of an IPS panel only.

    TV Pictures - Go to a radio music channel of some sort if it does not have internet/youtube access, otherwise if it does go to

    PC Monitors pictures go to -

    I will also post pictures of all my IPS panel TV's and Monitors as soon as I am home from work.

    I will comment on each post, I should also hope Asus reviews this forum and understands the issues myself and others are going through with their new monitors.
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    ASUS do understand thats why they released the TN panel one first and told everyone for about a year IPS panel technology was not upto the same treatment level they used on the TN panel one. Customers asked for a IPS panel one and ASUS tried their best with present technology to supply what the customers were asking for.

    The TN panel's low response rate has always made it the best gaming panel for serious gamers. The IPS panel is a panel for pretty boy gamers that rather it nice looking colours than for the competitive edge.

    Comparing IPS panel monitors and TVs is like to comparing Tea and Coffee. Sure they look similar, both have caffeine and you drink both hot normally with milk and sugar. TVs are set to lower frame rates and response rates so are less prone to problems.

    All I have to say to end this topic is be careful what you ask for as you might just get it and not like it.
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