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    asus g75vw crash while playing

    Got an ASUS g75vw about a couple of months ago. It started giving me blue screens at first, and then it completely shut down and couldn't be turned on again. It turned out to be a harddisk issue so we replaced it with my old g75vw harddisk, and it worked fine.

    But now everytime I play a game, it shuts down without warning. And it's pretty annoying to have to redo things I spent several hours on. It's incredibly random, from 3 hours to every 10 minutes, but just happens when I play a game as far as I know. I read about it on the forums, and tried several things that I thought could have helped.

    It's not an overheating issue. I was hoping it might have been so I bought a cooling pad. But it can crash the moment I start the laptop and start up a game. I also cleaned it out several times, just to be absolutely certain that wasn't the issue.

    I replaced the harddisk with a brand new one, no use.

    I tried to take out the battery while playing, no use.

    I tried to replace the charger, none either.

    It's causing a lot of stress and I'm growing more and more tempted to just throw it out the window. Judging by the forums here, it's not something new to the model either.

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