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    UX32A Recovery Media Failure


    Hopefully someone can help me...I had a recent HDD failure and ordered recovery media from the ASUS e-store.

    I have tried with 3 different optical drives and various BIOS settings. (unable to enable CSM mode boot in the latest bios, which I upgraded to while troubleshooting the issue)

    When I boot up with the recovery DVD (1/2) it gets past the initial Windows logo and ends up on a gray screen with a mouse cursor:
    • If XHCI pre-boot is auto or disabled - it reboots after a few seconds at this point
    • If XHCI pre-boot is set to enabled - it will hang at this gray screen with the mouse cursor forever

    I didn't know it wasn't possible to "downgrade" the BIOS or I would have updated it incrementally...

    I did contact the ASUS e-store and they are sending me a new set of recovery media.

    Does anyone know of a reason this behavior may not be related to simply a faulty set of recovery disks? For some reason I doubt that is the reason for the failure.



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