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    Owned Phoebus for less than a month.

    I've owned the Phoebus for less than a month, I just wish to clarify that i am not a major audio junkie, but the Phoebus has done nothing but disappoint, It just makes no sense to me how a company with so much publicity as been reliable can allow people to purchase clearly out of date products for prices that are premium.

    The whole reason I bought the phoebus was because i thought that Republic Of Gamers was a reliable brand and cared about its consumers, i now realize how foolish I was because the Phoebus has practically been false advertising, the only thing I can salvage out of this £100 sound card is the amplifier.

    All I wanted was a sound card that did good virtual Surround sound and i was willing to pay premium for the best, and what i have been left with is a product that has driven me from ever purchasing another ROG brand again, As far as i can tell the Phoebus has been the tipping point for not only me but alot more people who think that this sound card is a spit in the face of your consumers, I would suggest you finally put an end to this sound card instead of luring people in and wasting their money on a product that barely works on Windows 10 and has had features constantly removed from it.

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    next time read the forums about a product before purchase... lesson learn hard by all of us
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