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    980 ti Matrix sli issue

    I recently purchased 2 980ti Matrix to use in Sli on an x99 Deluxe MB. I am having an issue when turning on and off Sli mode. I have a multi monitor setup. Two 1440p monitors one 3440x1440p and one 1080p monitor are hooked up to my system. When I have only three monitors plugged in I can turn on and off sli fine. However, if a fourth monitor is plugged in I get black screen whenever I turn on sli. I have to hard reset. I get an overclocking failed message from the MB but I have turned off any overclocking for the cpu and are till getting black screen locks with four monitors. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    X99 Deluxe
    16Gb G.Skill Ripjaw
    2x 980 ti Matrix
    Windows 10

    Edit: Three displays use displayport and the other uses hdmi.

    Edit2: EDIT: After further examination the issue has something to do with my PG278Q monitor. I am running an XB270HU, LG34UM95, and a Vizio M60 TV. If those three monitors are plugged in, everything works fine. As soon as I plug in my PG278Q things start getting wonky. I have also tried changing display port cables.
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