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    ICM files for Splendid on GL552VW? ('Could not find ICM file' error)

    Trying to install Splendid. Getting the error here:

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    Unable to install ASUS Splendid Video Enhancement Technology (error number: Could not find ICM file, installer will be cancelled.)

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    I looked under data\ColorTable and found a bunch of ICC files. In another forum post, someone said that the ICM files for the GL552VW are included with the PC as shipped (bloatware-laden). I reinstalled Windows 10 and then tried to install Splendid and am of course getting the error above.

    Has anyone come up with a solution for this? Do I just need the ICM files from someone who didn't reload their laptop? If so,. would someone be kind so as to post those?
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    You need to use a older version as your model is not supported if it says that. Had the same issue with the G74SX, see the following for more info, the ICM files are there if you compare it to what's used by the older splendid version that works, the installer just doesn't support your model as ASUS only supports the Windows version that shipped with the computer...
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    Ya, easy to correct once windows-10 places all the registry keys correctly, but i now found looking on my older AMD systems that i upgraded, no problems found that

    There seems to be some kind of windows-10 conflict happening and Catalyst picks up on a built-in win10 3rd party display control app. I kept it uninstalled and after finding out that i left it uninstalled.

    My older system are old, 6xxxx series and below system with almost no driver support on some of them, all AMD of course, probably switching, but anyways

    Been a AMD customer since 2003-2004, all system OK and running perfectly.

    NVidia probably wont conflict, dont know, but i do know after the first full system reset (keep nothing) Splendid ends up working as intended and its seamless like i saw in win 8.1

    Could be Windows ends up seeing it in the registry and loading it disabling what ever display control it is using, but if anyone has insight on that would be great.

    Cant wait until win10 is a finished polished product and people get around to knowing all the little things. This was my only problem in Win10 brand new X-series laptop that now failed the manufactures tests, but i highly doubt Splendid had anything to do with it.

    Should be fine, i loved Splendid when i really saw it , but on my system it was way to much hassel to get to run properly, but it did run, it did load, any error vanished, but getting there took about 2-3hrs.
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