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    ROG Guru: Yellow Belt Array code9523 PC Specs
    code9523 PC Specs
    Laptop (Model)ASUS G750JH 3D Custom!
    MotherboardG750JW Motherboard REV 2.0 PCB Made in China)))
    ProcessorIntel Core i7 4700HQ
    Memory (part number)4x8GB DDR3 1600MHz HMT41GS6AFR8A-PB
    Graphics Card #1NVidia GTX780M with G750JZ Copper Heatsink
    Sound CardRealtek Hig Definition Audio
    MonitorSamsung LTN173HT02 [17.3" 120Hz 3D LCD]
    Storage #1120GB (OS) 240GB (Games) Kingston HyperX Fury SSD's
    Storage #2750GB WD Black (7200 RPM)
    CPU CoolerStock G750JH cooler
    CaseStock G750JH
    Power Supply230W (ADP-230EB)
    Keyboard Mod G750JZ
    Mouse ASUS ROG Gladius
    Mouse Pad CYBORG G.L.I.D.E.7
    Headset/Speakers SVEN =)
    OS Windows 10 Home x64
    Network RouterZTE
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    ASUS what is WRONG with You?! No Win10 support for G75VW?

    I want to thank to ASUS "fantastic" support! Probably worst customers support ever! I understand that nobody care here and on official site about users and if you got asus product it is your problem and no body else!
    I paid 1500USD for G75VW laptop at start of sale own it for couple years but it has absolutely no support! The latest drivers are for windows 8 and some for windows 8.1 and where updated in 2013! Now is 2016 and windows 10 upgrade etc and no one care about people who use g75 in 2016 absolutely no driver updates for a new OS.
    For me I looks like: WE TOOK YOUR MONEY! GOOD BYE!
    Is it so difficult to support users I don't know but I will newer deal with you again!
    Asus G74SX> Asus G55VW 3D> Asus G75VW 3D> Asus G750JW> Asus G750JX> Asus G750JH

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    ROG Guru: Orange Belt Array C4RN1 PC Specs
    C4RN1 PC Specs
    Laptop (Model)G51VX, G71G, G73, G74SX, G53SX, G53JW, G46VW, X501A, X401A
    MotherboardASUS M5A88-V EVO
    ProcessorAMD FX-4350 Vishera Quad 4.2GHz
    Memory (part number)16GB 4x4gb Mushkin Black Line
    Graphics Card #1HD Radeon 5970
    Graphics Card #2HD Radeon 5970
    Graphics Card #3HD Radeon 5970
    MonitorSamsung SyncMaster SA450 x2 (Provided by HP)
    Storage #1Corsair Force GT 120GB SSD
    Storage #2Western Digital 1.5 TB HDD
    CaseAntec 900
    Power SupplyKingwin Lazer 1000W
    Keyboard HP OEM
    Mouse Logitech Anywhere MX
    Headset ROG Orion
    OS Windows 7, Windows 8.1
    Network RouterLinksys E-1000 (DDWRT)
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    Jul 2012

    Let's get this straight...

    You have owned at least 6 different Asus laptops and didn't know this was going to happen? They never support the older models.

    You can either load windows 7, load the drivers and upgrade to 10.


    You can load windows 10 from scratch and then try to use the windows 7, 8, 8.1 drivers listed on the site.

    Your machine will work, it just won't have windows 10 certified drivers (you may experience bugs and have to hunt down a solution).

    This has always been the case with hardware from various manufacturers, I don't understand why you think it's only Asus that does it.

    Don't forget the Sticky on the very top of the older g series

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    Aug 2013

    I wont put down Asus over this.
    But, I would have to say, I haven't owned my G75VX all that long.
    I know Win 8 was a disaster, and although Win 8.1 was better, Microsoft still decided to Come out with Win 10.
    Which is basically a Win 7/Win 8.1 thrown together, best of.
    I do feel like Asus could have taken a look at supplying some Drivers certified for Win 10.
    That being said....I am no where near as mad about Asus, than I am with ATI and the lack of help for some video cards
    that aren't that old, but gave no support for drivers for Win 10.
    I would still consider Asus in the future (although I will look around), but, I will never buy a AMD card again!
    Nvidia only for the future.

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    ROG Guru: Gold Belt Array Clintlgm PC Specs
    Clintlgm PC Specs
    Laptop (Model)Asus G752VY DH72
    MotherboardAsus Z97 Pro WiFi and /Z97 Pro A
    ProcessorI7 4790K
    Storage #1512 GB M.2 Samsung 960 Pro
    Storage #21 TB Samsun 850 Pro
    CaseCool Master Haf
    OS Win 8.1 Pro and Win 10 Pro
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    Jul 2012

    Code9523 why bother with windows 10 at all. You don't need it for anything at all. The G75VW runs very well on windows 7 or 8.1 with all features working.
    G752VY-DH72 Win 10 Pro
    512 GB M.2 Samsung 960 Pro
    1 TB Samsung 850 pro 2.5 format
    980m GTX 4 GB
    32GB DDR 4 Standard RAM

    Z97 PRO WiFi I7 4790K
    Windows 10 Pro
    Z97 -A
    Windows 10 Pro

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    ROG Guru: Brown Belt Array Vlada011 PC Specs
    Vlada011 PC Specs
    MotherboardRampage V E10 (BIOS 1903)
    ProcessorIntel®i7-5820K (4.5GHz 1.325V)
    Memory (part number)CMD16GX4M4A2666C15
    Graphics Card #1ASUS GTX1080Ti Poseidon
    Sound CardSound Blaster ZxR
    MonitorSamsung P2450H
    Storage #1Samsung 970 EVO PLUS 1TB
    Storage #2Samsung 850 EVO 1TB/WD Black 2TB
    CPU CoolerEK RGB Monoblock RVE10
    CaseLian Li PC-O11 WXC
    Power SupplyEVGA 1200 P2
    Keyboard Deck 87 Francium PRO - MX Brown DS PBT
    Mouse Logitech G900
    Mouse Pad Steeseries QCK
    Headset/Speakers CREATIVE T5900 5.1
    OS Windows 10 Pro x64 v1903
    Accessory #1 iPhone SE Space Grey
    Accessory #2 EK XRES D5 Revo 100 Glass PWM + CoolstreamPE 360
    Accessory #3 Noctua NF-A12x25 PWM x3 (radiator)
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    Oct 2013

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    ROG Guru: Orange Belt Array Julskey's Avatar
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    Feb 2013

    I have a g74sx. Restred laptop to original factory ootb state, removed bestbuy bloatware and upgraded to win10. All seems to be working fine. I like how it performs now so ill be keeping win 10 on it.

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    IT Student Array TokoDude's Avatar
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    I have Windows 10 installed everything works fine except my sound sucks
    We pay very much for these laptops a little extra support for the major problems would be nice.

    I have seen a few times even that old computers (5-8 years old or more) receive special updates/fixes.
    ACER PREDATOR G9-791 |Intel Core i7-6700HQ |16 GB RAM |GTX970M 3GB |FULL HD | 750GB SSD | Samsung 850 PRO & 2X M.2 SSD RAID 0
    G75VW |Intel Core I7-3610QM |24GB RAM |GTX670M 3 GB |FULL HD | 526GB SSD | Samsung 840 EVO & 850 PRO
    GL552VW |Intel Core i7-6700HQ |12 GB RAM |GTX960M 3GB |FULL HD | 256GB SSD | Samsung

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    Quote Originally Posted by Julskey View Post
    I have a g74sx. Restred laptop to original factory ootb state, removed bestbuy bloatware and upgraded to win10. All seems to be working fine. I like how it performs now so ill be keeping win 10 on it.
    You mind sharing which drivers you used? I would like to upgrade but afraid the install my Bork my g74 due to no dedicated win 10 drivers. Thanks!

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    ROG Member Array dlewbell PC Specs
    dlewbell PC Specs
    Laptop (Model)G75VW-AH71
    MotherboardGigabyte G1.Sniper Z170
    Memory (part number)CMK16GX4M2B3000C15B
    Graphics Card #1EVGA GTX 1070 FTW
    Storage #1Samsung 950 Pro 512GB
    Storage #2Seagate ST2000DM001
    CPU CoolerPhanteks PH-TC14PE
    CasePhanteks Enthoo Luxe
    Power SupplyEVGA G2 750W
    Keyboard Logitech G410
    Mouse Logitech G600
    OS Windows 10

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    Jan 2013

    It works fine.

    I'm on a G75VW-AH71. I updated to Windows 10 not long after it came out. I originally had issues with Windows update replacing touchpad (Synaptics) & sound (VIA) drivers with less functional ones, but that's been worked out since. I'm now on the 1511 version with no issues to speak of. I wouldn't hesitate to update it again.

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