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    asus maximus hero boot issue

    i have installed my asus hero board with a 6700k chip..installed corsair 2666mhz 1.2v ram and a swiftech h320x as the cooler.i also installed a samsung 950 pro.. i booted the computer up fine with just the 950 and a dvd rom hooked up.changed in the bios to boot on my usb drive and begain to install windows on the 950 pro..after finished it booted into windows and ran fine..I hooked up my other hard drives and installed a ocz revo drive in a pci e slot( the one after my vcard) and now the pc turns on for maybe 8 secs then shuts off..i removed the ocz card and unplugged the other drives but i still get the same issue..i tried the clear cmos or i hope i did it right..Now i am stumped..

    vcard is a evga 980 acx and the psu is a seasonic platium 1000w modular

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