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    Quote Originally Posted by jacobssn View Post

    Hi dude, It seems like I'm checking in once a year or so =)
    I actually flashed your BIOS mods, disassembled my G46VW, lubricated the fan rods, made an CPU air-intake + dust filter and put some liquid ultra between GPU and CPU. I never thought I'd actually bust this out from the closet for daily use again!
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    I have two questions:

    1.Do you guys have any good tutorial for flashing the BIOS + Unlocked ME BIOS with a hardware flasher?
    I have no problem soldering on wires for access points or even remove the bios chip.

    2. I never figured out how to enable memory overclocking in BIOS, how did you go about doing that?


    i love your idea/mod for the CPU intake vent... i will definitely try that with mines and also do a GPU intake vent as well..... along with a laptop cooling pad it will keep things nice and chilly..... question is what did you use to drill in your vent holes + what material you used for a dust filter?

    lets all try to keep this thread alive..

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    Hey all, sorry to say my G46vw did not survive a fall off the couch last year so it was fun while it lasted. I did upgrade to a GS43vr. I would have loved to stick with another ROG but ASUS doesn't make a 14" gamer. RIP

    I have done similar mods to the MSI laptop BIOS, cooling vent holes. OC DRAM. One nice thing about the MSI is it has a fail safe if you mess up the bios. hold the power button for 60 seconds and everything clears and sets to default. Something annoyingly tedious is; I have to manually unlock write protection every time I want to flash it.

    ASUS if you are reading this, please make another compact laptop with killer cooling and upgradable parts! (Compact as in width and depth, not thin) A bezel-less 15" LCD with a tenkeyless keyboard.
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