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    Angry Phoebus does not support 4 pole jacks?

    I tried connecting a set of earphones (4 pole) to the headphone jack through the control pod, directly to the headphone jack, as well as the front connector jack. Each time I test the sound I get both left and right channels playing in each ear. This does not happen with my headset that uses a 3 pole jack. My Realtek onboard sound can support 4 pole jacks (it plays the left channel in the left ear and the right channel in the right ear). The Phoebus, a discrete (and expensive) sound card, does not? What gives?

    P.S. I am testing the 4 pole jack connection in anticipation of buying a new headset that uses a 4 pole jack (it has a built in mic). Also, I'm looking at the Astro Mixamp Pro TR to connect the headset to my console, and that requires a headset with a 4 pole jack. This is why I'm asking about 4 pole connections.

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    Not many soundcards support the "4 poles jack", my guess would be because it's not a standardised connection type (some brands swap the ground/mic parts for example, you just got lucky with the onboard connector). As of right now you have two solution:

    1) Don't plug your headphones all the way in, i tried with a tritton headset and it worked fine but it might not work for you because of the ground/mic thing.
    2) Get yourself an adapter that would split your 4 poles jack into two standard connectors (again, check if it's compatible with your brand of headphones)

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