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    Few questions about G752VY-RH71

    Hello guyz

    First of all, I would thank you in advance for taking your time to answer me. I'm a little bit newbie in PC Gaming so i need your help absolutely and please excuse my "newbieness" .

    I plan on buying a G752VY-RH71 @ 1,850$ on a physical store. It has a GTX 980M with 4GB of VRAM and 16GB DDR4 but i still have a few questions about this version :

    1- In the review Notebookcheck did ( someone said in comments that this version, according to Asus support, doesn't have the "3D Vapor cooling". Has it or not, or was he talking about the one sold by Xotic PC ?

    2- The same guy said that the more expensive versions had better battery than this 8-cells. Is it really a 8 or 6-cells because i found versions of G752VY with 6-cells battery like this one :

    3- Will it be possible in the future to replace the 980M GTX 4GB by something better ? Is it a "MXM component " so i will just have to buy a better MXM GPU or is it soldered on the motherboard ?

    4 - 4GB of VRAM for the 980M GTX will it be enough for at least 2 years for now on ? On forums they say that for now it's enough but videogames developers doesn't feel like they have to optimize the use of it and probably it will not be better anytime soon.

    5- I'm comparing it with the Alienware 17 R3 @2000 $ on their website (by shipping this time).
    This one has a 8GB 980M GTX . Why would you advice me the Asus instead of the Alienware?
    And with this 3D Vapor Cooling do you think the Asus has a better cooling than the R3 17 ? How about the Alienware 17 R3 cooling (yes ,so sorry i know that we are in a Asus section of the forum ...)

    Thank you very much again for your atttention

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