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    How is your ROG after one year?

    I don't know if a similar question it's already here, so you guys are allowed to remove my question if there is another similar.
    Straight forward as the subject says: How is your ROG after one year? Does anyone still have the same laptop from one year ago? How is it running? Any hardware/software problems?

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    No Hardware or Sofware issues for G751JY after 1year and 4 months. But I hate the mate rubber finish cause now it is full of fingerprint that I can;t remove with any kind of cloth+solution ... The only way to make it look like new is to buy a vinyl from ebay . Aaand I think I'm just gonna do this.

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    ROG Guru: Black Belt Array toronto699 PC Specs
    toronto699 PC Specs
    Laptop (Model)G752-VY-DH78K , G751-JYDH72X
    MotherboardRog Tytan G30AB
    Memory (part number)32GB
    Graphics Card #1Asus Gold20th GTX980Ti
    Sound CardDell X-Fi Audigy SoundBlaster
    Monitor3 Acer K272HL
    Storage #1118 GB/OS
    Storage #22.72 TB
    CPU CoolerIntegrated Liquid-Cooled CPU
    Power SupplyAsus 700 Watt
    Keyboard Razer BlackWidow Ultimate
    Mouse Razer Diamond Back
    Headset Sony Studio Professional , Razer Seiren Mic
    Mouse Pad Razer FireFly
    Headset/Speakers Logittech 5.1 Z-5500
    OS W 10
    Network RouterSagemon Fast 5250 Hub 2000

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    Aug 2014

    G751-JY Flawless , New 752-VY Flawless , 3 year old G30AB Tower Flawless
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    ROG Guru: Brown Belt Array sk2play's Avatar
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    2yrs happy HERO VI MB
    Corsair 500R Case, H110 Hydro, 1200AX PSU, Asus Maximus Hero VI MB, Intel 4770K CPU, Gigabyte GPU GV-N98TWF3OC-6GD, G-Skill Trident 2400MHz 32GB, Crucial M500 960GB SSD, Seagate 6TB HDD x2, Creative SBZ to Denon AVR-4311ci - Infinity Primus 5.1 w/Klipsch Sub XW-300d, HP ZR30w 30" S-IPS LCD, W10 64bit

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    ROG Enthusiast Array geniusdevil PC Specs
    geniusdevil PC Specs
    Laptop (Model)ASUS G30AB
    MotherboardASUSTeK G30AB Z87 Chipset
    ProcessorIntel(R) Core(TM) i7-4770K CPU @ 3.50GHz, 4 Core(s)
    Memory (part number)16GB DIMM DDR3 1600 MHz clocked @ 1605 MHz
    Graphics Card #1ASUS STRIX 960 OCDC2 2GB
    MonitorBENQ XL2411Z 144hz 1ms
    Storage #1Samsung 850 EVO 500 GB on AHCI
    Storage #2Toshiba SATA HDD 3TB on AHCI
    CPU CoolerCorsair H60
    CaseASUS G30AB
    Power Supply700W
    Keyboard ASUS Keyboard
    Mouse Logitech G500s Gaming Mouse
    Headset SteelSeries Siberia V2 Full-Size Gaming Headset
    Mouse Pad SteelSeries
    Headset/Speakers BOSE Companion Multimedia Speakers III
    OS Windows 10 Pro
    Network RouterC9 Archer Very fast!
    Accessory #1 Xbox Wireless Controller
    Accessory #2 ASUS BT400
    Accessory #3 HP w2558HC 1920x1200 as second monitor.

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    Apr 2015

    [A deep inhalation and starts talking like old Rose of Titanic] It's been 3 years , and I can still smell the fresh metal on my G30AB . The Tytan had never been used. The PC had never been played with. G30AB was called the Tytan of Replublic of Gamers' dreams, and it was. It really was.

    Now, it's just a POTATO.

    Here's my score on userbenchmark:

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    ROG Guru: Brown Belt Array gupsterg PC Specs
    gupsterg PC Specs
    MotherboardAsus Maximus VII Ranger
    Processori5 4690K
    Memory (part number)HyperX Savage 2400MHz 16GB
    Graphics Card #1Sapphire R9 Fury X (1145/545 Custom ROM)
    MonitorAsus MG279Q
    Storage #1Samsung 840 Evo 250GB
    Storage #2HGST 2TB
    CPU CoolerThermalRight Archon SB-E X2
    CaseSilverstone Temjin 06
    Power SupplyCooler Master V850
    Headset/Speakers HyperX Cloud
    OS Win 7 Pro x64 / Win 10 Pro x64
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    Feb 2015

    Coming upto 21 months of owning a M7 Ranger and luv it just like the 1st day I installed it .
    Intel Defector AMD Rebel

    R9 5900X - Custom WC - ASUS Crosshair VII Hero WiFi - Ballistix Sport LT 2x16GB 3800MHz C16 - RX 6800 XT - WD SN770 2TB - 2x 870 EVO 4TB

    24/7 OC: i5 4690K @ 4.9GHz CPU@1.255v 4.4GHz Cache@1.10v - Archon SB-E X2 - Asus Maximus VII Ranger
    Sapphire Fury X (1145/545 ~17.7K GS 3DM FS)

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    ROG Guru: Black Belt Array Korth PC Specs
    Korth PC Specs
    MotherboardASUS X99 R5E (BIOS2101/1902)
    ProcessorHaswell-EP E5-1680-3 SR20H/R2 (4.4GHz)
    Memory (part number)Vengeance LPX 4x8GB SS DDR4-3000 (CMK32GX4M4C3000C15)
    Graphics Card #1NVIDIA Quadro GP100GL/16GB, 16xPCIe3, NVLink1 (SLI-HB)
    Graphics Card #2NVIDIA Quadro GP100GL/16GB, 16xPCIe3, NVLink1 (SLI-HB)
    Sound CardJDS Labs O2+ODAC (RevB), USB2 UAC1
    MonitorASUS PG278Q
    Storage #1Samsung 850 PRO 512GB SSDs, 4xSATA3 RAID0
    Storage #2Comay BladeDrive E28 3200GB SSD, 8xPCIe2
    CPU CoolerRaijintek NEMESIS/TISIS, AS5, 2xNH-A14
    CaseObsidian 750D (original), 6xNH-A14
    Power SupplyZalman/FSP ZM1250 Platinum
    Headset Pilot P51 PTT *modded*
    OS Arch, Gentoo, Win7x64, Win10x64
    Network RouterActiontec T3200M VDSL2 Gateway
    Accessory #1 TP-Link AC1900 Archer T9E, 1xPCIe
    Accessory #2 ASUS/Infineon SLB9635 TPM (TT1.2/FW3.19)
    Accessory #3 ASUS OC Panel I (FW0501)
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    ROG Rampage V Extreme motherboard ("original" version, lol) and ROG Swift PG278Q monitor purchased late 2014. Both had some unadvertised "quirks" because (at the time) they were innovative, first-of-their-kind, early-adopter technologies. But, once the learning curve was complete and the tweaking/testing was completed and a few hidden glitches were properly corrected by firmware updates, everything worked even better than I initially promised or expected. The fan controllers built into my R5E mobo never delivered quite enough power when fully populated to the rated limits, but adding a fan-controller solved this problem for me forever and my (overclocked) mobo has never shown any other flaws. My Swift monitor was flawless out of the box and still remains flawless today. A number of other buyers complained about a variety of issues - like bad CPU sockets, bad VRMs, bad pixels, bad backlight bleeding, etc - on their ROG products at the time, but remember that these were very new and very cutting edge technologies and there's a price to be paid for buying beta testing bleeding edge stuff.

    I've now logged nearly 10,000 hours on my ROG motherboard and ROG monitors, they both continue to work flawlessly.
    I've also got a ROG Router and that ridiculously useless (but really cool-looking) ROG OC Panel. Never any problems with either after all these years.

    ASUS ROG-branded stuff is almost exactly the same as ASUS generic-branded stuff. Same robustly overengineered (and overkill) build quality, made in the same place by the same people, without any corner cutting. ASUS tech is well known for reliability, stability, and longevity.
    ROG stuff has the black-and-blood theme and the boldly angular and aggressive style visually identifies the brand and apparently looks mean/cool enough to excite gamers.
    ROG stuff has more "power", more VRMs, more tweaks and controls, more of everything possible to unlock and overclock every component possible.
    ROG stuff has more features and add-ons which increase versatility, functionality, or compatibility beyond "normal" maximums.

    In short, ROG is mostly a gaming brand which promises gaming performance. The highest-end and newest "flagship" ROG products always offer "innovative" (almost "experimental") ASUS inventions, technologies, and improvements which are primarily designed to make the system run games faster, better, and stabler than ever before. Mid- and lower-end ROG products tend to only implement the most successful of these technologies, they're targeted less to the enthusiasts and more to the powergaming masses.
    Elite-tier ROG stuff arguably has less reliability, stability, and longevity than generic ASUS stuff - not because it's built cheaper but because it's built to push the limits, burn harder and hotter and faster - it tends to be more finicky and cantankerous and require tech savvy to properly configure. It also tends to break records and is often preferred by many "pro" overclockers. But it's admittedly not always the best choice for everyone, lol, most gamers would do better with stuff that "just works" when you turn it on (and thus the popularity of gaming consoles).
    Common-tier ROG stuff is basically just the slightly-faster-slightly-more-awesomer "gamer optimized" version of normal ASUS stuff, very reliable, very stable, lasts a long time. From time to time you'll see ROG branding on "normal" ASUS stuff which is quite capable of gaming but makes no special attempt to improve gaming, it's brand swag without a sharp edge.

    In my opinion: ASUS hardware is awesome, ASUS software is often decidedly mediocre, and much of the ASUS/ROG-specific software is sometimes overspecialized or downright useless. Fortunately, there's always many excellent free software alternatives available. ASUS usually offers updates, fixes, and revisions in a timely manner. ASUS support/RMA is very hit-or-miss, and it can vary substantially across different countries and regions. ASUS tends to be overpriced, ROG tends to be very expensive.
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