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Thread: 12.2L ITX build

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    12.2L ITX build

    Hi All,

    I built a new system for my girlfriend recently. It's an AMD build (Intel and Nvidia parts are kind of pricy in these woods and I she won't be doing any heavy gaming) with an A8 7600 (yeah, X4 860k would make more sense but i had it laying around!) and an R7 270 2GB card.

    Full specs:
    Sunmilo Studios U1.5 ITX Case
    Thermaltake Riing 12CM White LED case fan (Intake)
    2x Thermaltake Luna 8CM White LED case fans (Exhaust)
    Silverstone ST45SF-G power supply
    Gigabyte A88XN WIFI motherboard
    AMD A8 7600
    Silverstone AR06 Cooler w/ Noctua 92x14mm fan
    ADATA 2x4gb 2133mhz DDR3 RAM
    Sapphire R7 370 2GB card (short, single fan version)
    Crucial BX100 250gb SSD
    WD 2.5in 1TB Hard Drive
    Windows 10

    I wish I could use some Asus or ROG parts, but they don't have an ITX FM2 board or a small enough AMD card to fit :'(
    Maybe when AM4 and Polaris comes out, I can add some ROG Red to the inside.

    I will get some pictures of the inside later.

    I need to reopen it and do some cable management and I'm also going to add her old laptop hard drive for some extra storage. The temps run a little warm where I work but not horrible. I am a little worried about the warm summers here though.

    When running furmark and Prime 95, the CPU gets to about 13C thermal margin, and the video card to around 83C, other components (motherboard, Hard Drives) get to about 45C inside frown.gif

    I can tell the rear 80mm fans pump out a lot of the heat but seems it cant get it out fast enough. They have a second design for this case with two front 120mm fans and a more open front to the case, I think that would solve the heating issue but doesn't look as good IMO.
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