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    Freezing with graphics on screen

    I have built a new machine , crosshair v formula z mb. Amd fx 9590 cpu ,corsair h80i gt cooler, 32 g hyperx 2400 ram in two pairs
    2 x Asus gtx 750 to graphic cards, Samsung 250 gb ssd, 2 TB hdd, corsair 1000 power supply ,Windows 10 pro,

    It keeps freezing with the graphics on screen, i built it with Windows 7 ultimate, but have done a complete clean install of window 10 pro,
    I have tried both graphics cards one at a time, also the same with the ram, have replaced the power supply, and replace the thermal Compond .
    Have updated the bios, it seem to get worse as it gets hotter but the processor is idling at 29 degrees . And never goes higher that 47, before freezing ,
    It's all running in an aerocool gt-s full tower with plenty of cooling, the cooler exhausts into the casing, I run a roc at mouse and mechanical corsair key board both of which I have tried with alternatives , all bios settings are as initial set up .
    Any ideas please

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    I've got 4 questions:
    1. Does it freeze when you only use 1 card at a time?
    2. Does it happen exclusively when system is idle (as in system is working, but you're not touching it)?
    3. Does it happen with win 7?
    4. Are you using some high power USB devices by any chance? Like an RGB keyboard from corsair that is noted to draw a lot of power?

    If it doesn't freeze with 1 graphics card installed you should probably be looking at SLI issues.
    If you answered "No" on question 2, try going to power options, advanced power options and disabling PCI power saving.

    As for the other questions...I'm facing a similar problem (I think) and I'm hoping to learn more about the issue.

    I swear, ever since I got win 10 I'm seeing nothing but problems...

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