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    RAMPAGE V EXTREME/U3.1 Need Driver Help Please!

    Hello everyone,

    I am looking for someone to tell me the proper driver order or if I am missing any drivers for my Motherboard install.

    RAMPAGE V EXTREME/U3.1 Running Windows 10 64Bit Pro

    Here are the drivers I installed in the same exact order:

    #1: Intel_Chipset_Win7-8-81-10_Vv10128
    #2: MEI_V11_0_0_1155_20150709_WHQL_1-5M
    #3: Asmedia_USB3-31_Win7-8-8-10_V116240_V116261
    #4: RAID_AHCI_Win7-8-81-10_V13101058_Vv14501081
    #5: Asmedia_Win7-8-81-10_VER3160
    #6: Bluetooth_Win7-8-81-10_V6516680_12009860-670-650
    #7: Audio_V6_0_1_7571_WHQL_R5E
    #8: LAN_V20_1_2019_0_WHQL
    #9: WIFI_Win10_V6_34_223_5

    Last Step - Windows Updates until it tells me I am up to date.

    Device Manager Shows No Drivers Needed.

    I keep running into an issue where it seems like my wireless Keyboard keeps freezing for a few seconds. So I am curious if I missed something? I did download the Logitech drivers if that helps. Something just seems off.

    Firefox doesn't seem to respond well (Yes I know some hate Firefox, so please help, don't just reply to rag on me ) I close it down and then it doesn't want to open again for about 30 seconds.

    Finally when I go to click a program to open it doesn't seem to respond. I have to click on it again.

    I greatly appreciate any advice and time it takes for someone to reply. Am I missing a driver? A step? or both? Please help!

    Here is the link to the Motherboard Drivers: Again Windows 10 64Bit

    Thank you!
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