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    GL752VW GPU problem


    Before I start, I would like to say that I checked this thread before I posted here.

    Basically, whenever I play League of Legends, my graphic card crashes, doing the following:
    -Black screen (some times, it goes back in game but keeps having some annoying freezes)
    -When I open NVIDIA Control Pannel, under 3D settings, the third tab regarding PhysX, disappears.
    -In GeForce Experience, the graphic card is said to be unknown.
    -It will not go back to normal unless a restart takes place (logging off/sleep mode has no control over this problem)
    -Sometimes, the game goes back to normal, while the graphic card is still gone, however, I still get the dangerous freezes.

    What I did:
    -Contacted NVIDIA
    -Uninstalled the driver from device manager.
    -Opened msconfig and disabled all the services except Windows services, NVIDIA services and ASUS services.
    -Performed a clean installation of the driver.
    -Got the problem again.
    -Updated windows to the latest version.
    -Installed a program given by the NVIDIA agent, in order to start the windows in safe mode with networking and remove the driver.
    -Installed the driver using clean install option.
    -Got the problem again.
    -Installed a driver from ASUS.

    This happened a few times with the Witcher 3, however, the problem went a bit differently, as there was no black screen or freeze, but rather, the game would minimize and never go back to normal.
    Even if I would stop the game and restart it, it would not stop, as the graphic card would be "gone", so I would need to restart.
    Tested it on GTA V, I get no problem whatsoever.

    The thing is, I was told that a bios update would work, however, that is something that I am not expetimented with and I would like to leave it as a last option.

    Is there anyone else who had this problem and has a fix for it?

    Thank you.
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