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    Asus G751jm Overclocking gpu will it void warranty?

    i have been using this laptop for about a month and i was amazed by the cooling system it has, i rarely see temps go beyond 70 degrees even after an hour of gaming, so this encouraged me to pull more juice out of my GPU by overclocking it, but i don't want to void my warranty, so will overclocking void the warranty ?

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    No, unless you do a custom vBIOS flash, in which case it still might not be a warranty void.

    Grab MSI Afterburner or comparable and bump up the core clock as high as it will go (+135MHz on a 980M, I think you have a 965/960?) and add something like +325MHz to memory. If it crashes during use, bring the OC back a bit, changing in small intervals of 10Hz till you get something stable. I seem to recall the 965/960 models not being overclockable with this method so you might have to look into that.

    Otherwise it should damn well be warranty issues exempt, since ASUS bundles GPUTweak with their laptops, which is a very similar software.

    Might be worth using Intel XTU to lower your CPU temps a few degrees by lowering the core/cache voltage offsets and bumping up your core/cache multipliers. I assume you have a 4720 in your laptop, so that's a maximum of 3.8GHz.

    ASUS bundles XTU as well, so this is in warranty, too.

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