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    Is the G73JH gone for good?

    It looks like everybody is running out of G73JHs and xoticpc specifically doesn't carry them anymore. Have they been discontinued or will there be another HD5870 G73 on the way? I pray that I won't have to buy the JW variant.

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    Mark Dano
    Why dont you like the JW? Its newer! Can you tell me because i wanted to buy it... Also New Egg will have their Best Buy JH Versions back in stock in about 2 or 3 days 11/30 so if want to buy it over there only 870$ BUT its refurbished! The only differences with the Best Buy and Not is that lower screen RES which is better for your video card and doesnt really matter and -2 gb of ram BUT its so easy to upgrade and worth the -300~ !

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