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    Asus G74sx , Geforce 560M Driver Issue


    I am needing some support with some issues with the laptop Asus G74sx , Geforce 560M.

    It was working fine until a few weeks ago, I had Windows 7, then updated to Windows 10, and everything was perfect until the last update of NVidia.

    The onboard display just goes blank, no image appears, if connected to an external monitor everything works normally.

    I thought maybe it was a Windows 10 bug, so I rolled back to Windows 7, but the issue persists.

    I unistalled the driver, all Nvidia software, and then the display would return to function, then I tried install the driver that was made available in the Asus website, but soon the driver got installed the issue returned.

    Tried multiple versions, from Driver 311 to 359, and all presented the same issue.

    Since I ran out of options I am hoping some light can be brought to this case, since the laptop is in perfect conditions, worked as intended for the past few years, and this is clearly a software issue related to the driver.

    Will be waiting for a solution,


    Erik R Carlson

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