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    New Information on KeyBot II Software for Maximus VIII Series Motherboards

    We wanted to take the time to share some additional information regarding KeyBot II. For those unfamiliar with our KeyBot II software, it’s a software that works in combination with the built-in custom IC chip on our Maximus VIII series motherboards. KeyBot II allows a user to be able to perform macro and other multimedia functions through their standard keyboard. The non-standard keyboards like certain gaming keyboards which have their own firmware, software, and macro functions will likely not work with KeyBot II.

    Below is a summary of important points we want to share with everyone:
    • The KeyBot button no longer exists on the motherboards, you have to enable or disable the KeyBot II functionality through the KeyBot II software.
    • For S5 mode, you need to press and hold down the corresponding key for 2 seconds to activate it.

    F11: OC
    F12: XMP
    Del: Directly enter into BIOS
    C+L+R: Clear CMOS (new feature on KeyBot II)
    Enter: Power on (new feature on KeyBot II)

    • When KeyBot II is turned off, you can wake up your PC by pushing any key on your keyboard for S4 power state. When KeyBot II is turned on, you can only wake your PC through pressing the S5 hotkeys.
    • The <Enter> and <Del> key on the numpad will not work under S5 mode.

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