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    G53JW-XN1 upgrades and temps

    I've had this laptop since 2011 and really don't want to get rid of it, so I'm looking into ways to upgrade it to keep it viable.
    I'd like to upgrade the wifi since it only has N, and AC is the new standard.
    I haven't found a CPU or GPU that is worth the upgrade for the price so I would greatly appreciate some assistance
    with that.
    My GPU idle temp is currently 83C, my CPU idle temp is currently about the same. I've noticed that when gaming my
    fans sound like a couple of jet engines getting ready for take off. Any suggestions on that would be great as well.

    Thank you in advance to the ROG community.
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    Yes most likely your system is clogged up with dust? if not then the pasting of your CPU And GPU are failing. The very biggest upgrade for you would be to install a SSD other than that you could up your RAM if you have any empty slots. A good time to do that would be while your dissembled to repaste 16 GB is really more than enough unless your running multiple Virtual Machines.
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    Quote Originally Posted by eskion01 View Post
    Ok, I honestly never want another Asus laptop after this experience. First issue was the power pin. Asus fixed it. Then I sent it in because it was running very hot and slow. They sent it back and said it was fine. It went out of warranty so I had my brother in law check it out. The thermal paste on the GPU was fried so we repasted it. Temps went down, but the damage was done. Used to get 20+fps in most games, but now I'm getting 12 fps in splinter cell blacklist.

    Any suggestions? I'm tired of the issues. I gave up on a desktop when I got this laptop because it was supposed to be oh so great, but now I really regret that decision.

    If you know where to look for replacement cpu's or gpu's, please link a site as Google searches have been as useful as my laptop in this matter. Thanks in advance for any help the community can provide.
    Is this the same user? You sure have changed your tune.

    Doesn't sound like you can tackle this problem on your own, you need professional help.

    I'll PM you with some options and we'll go from there.

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