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    G750JZ - Thermal Throttling ocing gpu as well as power throttling on cpu.

    Hello ROG! Name's Sean McCargar,

    Was wondering if I could get your help with my G750JZ laptop thermal throttling and power throttling.

    When ever overclocking the GPU (880m 4gb) the laptop starts having really bad thermal throttling even tho the temps never go above 80c on the GPU. The CPU core clock drops quite a bit and constantly from the stock OC (3.4 Mhz) to 2.6 in some cases even tho the CPU is not overheating sitting around 65c.

    As well I was wondering if I could get some insight into power throttling. On stock OC for the CPU (3.4 Mhz) while
    stress testing power throttling will kick in to 100% and lower the core multiplier. I've tweaked my settings and found out that with a -60mv core voltage offset on the stock OC setting (3.4 Mhz) seems to fix this issue and no longer power throttles.

    Now the thermal throttling is the real issue here. It seems like its built into the bios to engage thermal throttling even tho the laptops not overheating. While OCing the CPU never goes over 65c and the GPU never over 80c. The GPU does not lower in performance but spikes downwards to 340Mhz in 1 second then right back up to my GPU OC.

    When monitoring the thermal throttling and the CPU, thermal is about 5% to 10% max and the CPU core is jumping all over the place, inherently causing the GPU to spike down to 340Mhz.

    Now for the G551JW a beta bios was created and released for more thermal headroom. About 5 degrees from what Ican see on the forum. Since there is no real way of me getting around it because I don't have the options in my bio
    to edit them, I was hoping for a beta bios for the G750JZ for upping the thermal limit.

    Once again the laptop is not overheating at all and runs perfect at stock settings (except for the CPU power throttling on max load, which needs to be discussed).

    If this is possible please get back to me or give me some insight into why the thermal throttling is kicking in before the 92c on the GPU and the 92c on the CPU.

    Thank you Republic of Gamers for your time!

    Sean McCargar

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    Hello Sean! Can you tell me what performance settings you're using and what how many watts your laptop have? My laptop g750JH 780m have 230w psu.
    The gpu dropping clocks seems like your laptop is moving to battery mode while in ac. It has occured on my laptop also. Try to run without battery attached on the laptop and see if it helps.

    Best regards Jali

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    more on the g750jz

    Hello Jali.

    Alright so heres the speel. Managed to get the power throttling to stop completely by monitoring the tdp limit of the laptop. (47w)

    Anything above 38w on the core will make it power throttle due to the setting built into the bios, (which are not changeable).

    So 3.2 ghz on the core with 1.036v on the core is stable from power throttling.

    Only other problem I'm having now is the current limiting happening is either games (say fallout 4) or aida 64 stressing testing FPU only.
    Current limit hits 100% and drops the core to 3.0 ghz. Read up about it and its because on the voltage on the core not being high enough. (I think)

    So yes the laptop is limited to 47 watts on the processor which I cant change. Unlocked bios would be a god send but doubt that's gonna happen.

    The other major weird thing happening is the cpu throttling from the gpu. Which is bd prochet. Can be disabled via throttle stop but don't want to.

    Ill post a pic of what the gpu is doing when I oc it. Really weird core clock drops but no loss is frames. Just stability issue I think again.

    I already have the battery removed still happens which sucks.

    100-240v input for the adapter by the way.
    19.5v output for the adapter.
    Ill post pics later on today.
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