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    Rog Spark Tool for Asus Desktops/Laptops (Available)

    ROG SPARK (third party tool) FOR ASUS NVIDIA DESKTOPS/LAPTOPS Maxwell,Kepler,Fermi.

    Update 4
    : no more updates (sorry, I will focus on other project, ROG Spark still remain
    but I need time to fresh my mind, thank you)

    Update 3 : Rog Spark 3.0 Available

    Update 2 : All Asus Desktops/Laptops is compatible

    Update : Asus non Rog users can use Rog Spark without any problem (you only need to have at least a NVIDIA GPU Fermi)

    Link : ROG SPARK 3.0 For Asus Desktops/Laptops (Compatible Windows 7/8/10 X64)

    Do I need to remove Rog Spark before install new NVIDIA drivers ?

    Yes you need to avoid any conflict, what I always recommend.

    • Remove Rog Spark
    • Remove Old NVIDIA Drivers
    • Reboot
    • Install New NVIDIA Driver
    • Install Rog Spark
    • Reboot
    • ​Enjoy

    How to install Rog Spark ?

    • Launch the executable
    • Press next, next
    • Reboot
    • Enjoy

    Can you easily remove Rog Spark ?
    • Go to control panel
    • Uninstall a Program
    • and Check for Rog Spark
    • Remove
    • Reboot

    If you have my previous tool, I recommend to remove them.

    Questions/Answers :

    Which OS and GPU/CPU ?
    Rog Spark is compatible Windows 7/8/10 x64/64bits version, x86/32bits will come after.
    Only NVIDIA/INTEL at the moment

    Any possibility of having Rog Spark on Linux ?
    I was working on it while taking a look at the Nouveau source driver.
    but need more time, so not yet.

    Rog Spark work with other brand Desktops/Laptops and non Rog ?
    It work on every platform but need to adapt the tool, lately I focused
    optimization in Rog Laptops/Notebooks (Including non Rog), you can have good results or
    maybe no results at all, it depend how your hardware will react.
    Update : Release 2.0 support Asus Desktops and Laptops.

    Rog Spark work with Vulkan and DX12 ?
    I will keep Rog Spark updated to support last call functions from DX12/Vulkan Kernel based drivers.

    Rog Spark have a menu or interface ?
    No, I don't have too much time coding one and wanted to make the install simple/direct use, so users
    don't mess around with settings, you don't need to do anything else than simply install Rog Spark and
    and use your computer like every other day.

    What change Rog Spark can offer ?
    Rog Spark was made to reduce latency, temp, usage, make the system more stable/faster by improving
    execution and process with the help of well definite call functions.

    Can Rog Spark make a game/application run better ?
    This is also one of the main reason why Rog Spark was made but not
    every game/application will benefit from Rog Spark, the first big change you are
    going to feel, is that your system is more responsive, other change
    will be stable framerate (rare drop), way less tearing/suttering/crash issues.

    Can we gain FPS with Rog Spark ?
    Possible but like I explaining, the gain is more in term of response/execution and process.

    ROG SPARK Changelog (3.0)

    Removed temporary logo, new logo, new installation type, welcome info.


    ⦁ Redefined values for better stability/performance
    ⦁ Better usage of the GPU memory pool
    ⦁ Force GPU Direct on SLI/Hybrid SLI/Non-SLI (less CPU usage)
    ⦁ Disable CPU/GPU read timer (Due to inacurate data that affect performance/stability)
    ⦁ Major change for preemption under DX12 (fix latency issues and DX12 based games execution/performance)
    ⦁ Zero-Copy process (improve data/computing memory usage)
    ⦁ Add bus reset (avoid GPU crash)
    ⦁ Faster communication between GPUs (SLI/Hybrid SLI)
    ⦁ CPU Host Aperture will improve communication between Virtual Address and memory segment (make everything the routine in order, faciliate data transition and visibility)
    ⦁ Disable Intel CPPC (Processor Performance Control is most of the time give inacurate result) this pushing random frequency that make system throttling/unstability during heavy task.
    ⦁ Video bridge support will help non similar arch GPU to communicate together (partial,not fully implemented)
    ⦁ Robust support (will help computing core to communicate faster)
    ⦁ Fixing some issues with APEX engine

    ROG SPARK 2.0 Changelog :

    New Installation and logo more clean/clear, Desktop support, (default) uninstall start menu issue fixed.

    NVIDIA :

    • Restructuration (New Values) of the NVIDIA Resource Manager
    • Forcing DX12 support on Fermi GPU
    • DX12/DX11 major execution/process improvement
    • Pushing better usage of Preemption (for DX12 performance)
    • Desktop Support (particulary the ASUS G20 Series)
    • Adjustment of DirectFlip and FlipEx
    • Fixing performance issue on DX12 (Ashes of the Singularity, API Overhead, etc)
    • Fixing some crash with Gamerworks VR based games.


    • None

    ROG SPARK 1.0 Changelog :

    NVIDIA :

    • Optimization for ROG Laptops/Notebooks.
    • Adjust Buffer Composition (avoiding stutters)
    • Resolving issues with G-sync/V-sync usage
    • Adjust TDR reset
    • Better GPU/DirectX Synchronization
    • Experimenting FP16 Path on Maxwell.
    • Using 8x8 (to improve SM Process)
    • Computing Optimization
    • Adjust Warp and Thread for SM Operation
    • Force dGPU High-Performance or iGPU to be use (New option available on NVIDIA CPL)
    • Improvement SwapChain/BackBuffer (add SwapChain Keys)
    • You can have 2 new options depending platform (one is NVIDIA Quality Upscaling that provide a postprocess filter and upscale to your game "for example if you launch the game in 720p on a 1080p monitor" it also kinda improve DSR aka Dynamic Super Resolution, so your txt/picture won't look too blurry) (the second one is Quality improvement, this keep the image quality high while reducing the data compression)

    INTEL :

    • Optimization for ROG Optimus Laptops/Notebooks
    • Raw Frame Transition (dGPU data to Panel, ignore iGPU extra work)
    • Flipping Improvement (Facilate the communication between the iGPU and dGPU)
    • Downscaling Support (Mostly for Laptop equiped of 4K Panel)
    • Stability Improvement


    Alll the modifications are made into the Windows registry.

    Rog Spark doesn't include extra files (.dll, .sys, etc...) only the strict minimum to make it really lite.

    It is free to use, you are not forced, easy to unninstall Rog Spark using the Windows default unninstaller, even there is no risk to use Rog Spark, neither Asus nor Me are responsible of anything happen to your hardware, I can confirm at 100% any hardware issue can not be related to Rog Spark, Rog Spark is mainly here to improve stability, performance and execution during general use/gaming.


    Rog Spark add new value/key to registry (including different routines), thoses value/keys are based on call functions that are available inside the Kernel Drivers/Kernel System (Give control to your hardware) by debugging or reverse engineering.

    Thoses functions can be call if necessary (this is why Call Function). They can be or not be important but lot of them are usually unaccessible, can't not be use under a certain user-space, basically not available/not visible by default to the public users (even sometime to devs).

    Rog Spark force advanced function to be accessible, so it can improve the way that your hardware usually work. In general, NVIDIA/AMD/INTEL include to the driver a default patterns/instructions that definite the usage of your hardware (how to deal with your hardware, how to execute, where to put a limit etc...). For example, the kernel driver will not use the Fermi GPU the same way than a Kepler, by doing this they try to predict the comportment of your GPU usage with help of different render path control. The problem with that = limit the comportment of your hardware and fix GPU usage to a certain limit (default/definite process based on your hardware generation).

    Simple explain, think about having a Game without controlling the advanced settings (graphics, etc...). Rog Spark provide a way to improve the system usage (make it more stable/more smooth) with the help of different call functions that are only accessible by the Kernel Drivers/Kernel System. Rog Spark is not a magic tool but mostly a tool based on experience of game engine and drivers control, because some application and game engine need better access to your hardware, Rog Spark try to offer them this access

    ⦁ minimize usage of problematic process in background
    ⦁ disable unnecessary functions
    ⦁ enable functions that could be helpful for your system

    The challenge of Rog Spark is to offer stronger/faster access to your hardware, let's say instead of going from A to B to C, we could go from A to C, why making a stop at B when you can go directly to C.
    Most of the time your system work like that A to B to C, B will be ignored by Rog Spark, so you can go directly to C, surely is like Rog Spark replace B but instead of doing like B putting a wall, it give you a free pass.

    Again system usage is important, how to deal with it is really important, hardware without proper software make problem and you can't exploit your hardware this way. More control, give you more opportunity to improve execution.

    This is how Rog Spark will work.

    Last thing, Rog Spark won't offer more fps, Rog Spark doesn't modify the game engine/application engine nor hardware but simply improve the way how everything work together, it is possible that the gain in fps can be visible but that will be mostly for computing part, force more thread accessible to deal with heavy task.

    Hopefully Rog Spark will be helpful for you.

    I will often update this thread(Tool update, Changelog, etc...)

    Nice Stick, Thank you.

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    Can't wait to see how it works.

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    Looks great, thx for this software !

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    would like to have a answer to gsync...that whole thing sucks me i wouldnt have official because, the strategy and performing of this upgrade is hopeless bad.
    ich tippe seit wochen sinnlose texte und nebenbei kommen die ersten geräte zurück...wer sind wir denn?
    nie wieder asus, sorry ich wurde zwar schon oft enttäuscht,mit it produkten aber ihr habt jetzt die krone auf!

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    Sounds pretty nice to me . Although I have some questions to better understand the tool's behavior:

    1) If the tool will make registry modifications, how will those registry come to the default values after unintalling the tool . I ask this just in case something goes wrong.

    2) Is there any way that we can check the results of the tool ? I mean, a benchmark or another tool that shows us what functions are being enabled and how the tool impacts the response of the hardware in general ?

    3) Is the Spark compatible with most ASUS Laptops or just with the RoG series like G751, G752, G551 etc. ?

    Hope you don't mind me asking the questions . I'm looking forward to see how your tools works and I am grateful for the help you offer to the ASUS community.

    PS: I would advise you to use Orange color instead of that Blue one cause it hurts my eyes when I try reading it ) . The thing is that the Blue is too dark for the black background.

    Thanks in advance !

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    Sorry Warryabel, I don't speak german.
    I will not comment on G-sync anymore, I just tell you that I'm deeply working on alternative one but nothing is perfect and need time to be improve
    Official one like Freesync will be accessible to everybody (Intel future drivers will support Freesync for most of their GPU starting with haswell GTx) AMD
    already done this, most of the panel/monitor since few years support Freesync, even they don't officially say it.
    And so far from what I head (only my point) there is a high possibility that NVIDIA make G-sync available to a large amount of GPU without the need of specific monitor (soon), since everything was software based, I was indirectly involved on the mobile process and windowed capability (this part with the help of dwm) exclusive mode, mainly offscreen, this is how it usually work.
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	dwm.png 
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ID:	56186


    1. Nothing will go wrong, the windows default uninstaller will remove all the value linked to the tool, those are new keys, they don't exist in your common user-space, so there is not risk with your default keys.
    2. Like I said, the tool will be effective in general use/gaming, benchmark give you random results that are not representative of your hardware capabilities, Rog spark mainly help the system to figure out to deal in a better way with your hardware, more efficient, faster and in a smooth way, facilitate the transition between the software and the hardware, call function = silent one, they are mostly low-level process, hardly visible, you can see them by debugging/reverse engineering. Impact change will be clearly visible everywhere (gaming, general use, process, etc...)
    3. Rog Spark should be compatible with most Rog Laptops that come with a Intel CPU/GPU and NVIDIA GPU (AMD not yet, not sure I will work on AMD due to GPUopen ) it can also be compatible with other platform but I won't yet spend too much time on optimizing this one for other platform at the moment.

    It is ok to ask me questions . Most people already tried beta revision of old revision tool, the main issue was that, not effective on certain platform, more effective on other, this is because I try to adapt the work for different platform but it didn't work the way I want, so I needed to stop working on a multi platform one and keep focus on specific platform to improve the way it work.

    Orange done, blue gone .
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    excited excited excited

    thanks sir. looking forward for your great work again

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    Really great of you to do this! I will certainly try this tool before sending my laptop away for maybe two weeks or more for the g-sync upgrade. I might do that later, but right now I'm not sure it's worth the money and/or the wait.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lighter View Post
    Really great of you to do this! I will certainly try this tool before sending my laptop away for maybe two weeks or more for the g-sync upgrade. I might do that later, but right now I'm not sure it's worth the money and/or the wait.
    Be careful man, i just asked questions to ASUS France, and now i have a 122 euros invoice due in 20 days. I contacted the support again many times, and now they tell me they can't contact the service who sent the invoice again, they can't cancel the invoice and telling me i just should pay and do the upgrade.

    They can't contact the service but they want me to send them money and send my laptop... No way!

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    @nab - WOW !!
    You keep to amaze me each time !
    Job well done !

    small question: Should I uninstall Nb-Tools prior to ROG SPARK's installation ?
    does ROG SPARK replaces the (deprecated?) Nb-Tools or does it adds more features to the OS and can co-exist with Nb-Tools ?

    EDIT: you already provided the answer:
    I will only release NF Tools (not anymore this name) it will be called NF Spark or Rog Spark by NF
    Thus, I understand that I should wipe the deprecated NF Tools and install clean "ROG SPARK".
    that leaves me to ask:
    Does all of "NF Tools" features exist in "Rog Spark" ?

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