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    Exclamation Strange TouchPad malfunction affecting PC stability - periodical freezes

    Hello everyone,

    I considered to write on this forum about my ROG's strange malfunction.
    At the beggining - below is my ROG's specc:
    - G751-JY (T7012H),
    - upgraded with additional SSD - Samsung 850 EVO,
    - running pre-installed Win 8.1 x64
    - BIOS v. 211

    3 days ago I have noticed that after night (long shutdown) I have issue with system performance.
    After booting to logon screen when I wanted to type password, I noticed that some of the letters are not coming up.
    I found that PC has lack of performance and works like that:
    Normally for 3-5 seconds - "pick" freeze for less than 1s - Normally for 3-5 seconds - "pick" freeze ... etc. etc.
    I started checking numerous things:
    - drivers - OK, no problems found,
    - uninstalled lately installed programs and performed system cleaning - registry, undeleted files etc. - OK,
    - full scan of SSD and HDD for system file errors, surface scan, deep scans for health status - OK, no errors found.
    - stability test CPU+GPU+FPU+RAM+SSD+HDD on full load for longer time passed without problems.
    None of them helped so next steps were:
    - reroll Win 8.1 to last saved restore point - no change,
    - launched "clean" WIndows 8.1 (originally preinstalled from HDD) - problem persist,
    - reseted BIOS settings - no change,

    I noticed that this problem persists ONLY for 5-10 minutes after booting, then it's magicaly GONE until I do a longer (minimum about 30min. shutdown), then it is back again. At one of the bootings I noticed that TouchPad was not working at all (TP buttons also) - after few restarts and time it starts working again.
    I found that turning on/off the TouchPad in Windows, using "fn+F9" forces a "freeze" to the system. I turned off TouchPad in BIOS and PC was cured (no problems, even after long shutdown). When I turn TouchPad in BIOS and make a longer shutdown, problem gets back.

    It is very strange issue, because malfunction is present only for few minutes after booting and then everything is back to normal.
    In my opinion this is not a software problem (even BIOS) because I was running this configuration (software, BIOS version, no recent / crucial changes in Windows) for long time.
    I supose that for 99% it will be unfortunately hardware problem. I'm just considering if this is TouchPad that is damaged or some controller for TouchPad on Motherboard.
    I would disassembly my ROG to check all conections and the TouchPad from inside but it will violate the warranty (1,5 year to go).
    If someone had similiar issue or has any idea that is worth trying - please write, I'll be grateful .
    If not, I think it will be necessary to call Asus At-Site service to fix it .

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