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    Z97 Sabertooth Making Alert Sound Despite No Issues Found

    When playing graphically demanding parts of games like GTAV and Killing Floor 2 in 4k I get a high pitched alert sounding noise on my i7 4790K PC through the Asus Sabertooth Z97's mobo when my SLI GTX 980 Ti cards both kick in to 90%+ usage… The irony is that I want both cards to use 90%+ of their GPU because in other games like Fallout 4 and The WItcher 3 where they only use 60-70% I can’t get above 45fps and the siren doesn’t go off.

    I originally thought this might be because my 980 Tis were using too much power, so I upgraded from a RM850 to a RM1000, and that didn't stop the alert noise.

    I then installed the two extra little mobo fans and an extra bottom case fan to bring my case fan total to 7 plus an Evo 212 tower cooler... the extra fans also didn't stop the noise despite lowering my heat levels even further.

    What's strange is nothing seems to be slowing down like its failing when this noise starts and I don't see anything spiking up to dangerous levels when monitoring all my hardware... Thermal Radar 2 shows my CPU thermal assessment as Excellent and all of my monitoring stats seem normal (unless I'm missing something) as you can see in this CPUID screenshot taken while the alert noise was occurring:

    The only things I've noticed are the VCORE and USB3.1 temps in Thermal Radar are showing as slightly above 60C in red text... but reading other ASUS forum posts made it seem like this was normal for the Z97 and shouldn't cause issues.

    My core temps seem a little hot at around ~80C max, but I thought that was still fine and that you just want to stay under 90C with 100C being the danger zone that's going to start causing throttling issues and failures.

    At this point I'm ready to just try and turn the alert off since it doesn't seem like anything is wrong and nobody can explain what the issue is on other forums... but I can't even find that option anywhere in the BIOS and I'm not even sure exactly what alert this is for. :/

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    How does the noise sound like? Is it beeping? Long beeps?

    Very strange if all your temps are in check and you also tried different PSU.

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