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    Question G75VW GTX 670M heat and temprature question.

    Hi everyone.
    First of all, thank you for reading and helping. If there is any english grammer mistake, sorry for it.

    I am using G75VW about 2 years. Never oc'd before. And i dont want to oc still. I clean fans every 2 months.(only filters). And I dont use the laptop with battery when i plug it to electrict. I am using this laptop under heavy conditions, for example I use engineering programs about minimum 5 hours. sometimes i play games like bf4 elder scrolls online (under nvidia optimized graphics), about minimum 7 hours (sometimes 10 hours lol). My question is , the max temperature was 70~ degrees 5-6 months ago. But now it is 86 C as you see. Is it safety ? Sometimes the fan noise is so much. Do i need to buy cooler to under the laptop ? Because i have no job about 2 months and i play video games so much like 8-10 hours in a day.
    I searched that question on internet but some people says it is safety, and the others say it is not safety. And that made me confused.

    Another question , Can I use this laptop for 1 more year ? Bcs, I can upgrade it only 1 year after.

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