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    What about that gpu 1

    What about that gpu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    who who who, hold on there for a little bit, not so fast.

    lets tackle cooling first
    we've seen a water block already so there is only a few things left on that part.

    lets start with the pump/reservoir.

    Yes I'm gonna go EK for this one as well.

    next up is radiator,

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, portrait photo

    Ah, way better

    of course I do need fans to accompany the radiator.

    now lets start mounting, first the pump/res,

    I actually had one of these l brackets laying around and thought they were the perfect fit.
    only when I ordered another pair I realized these are actually EK-UNI Holder's, so unintentionally more EK products

    anyways lets go on,

    fits quite nice

    Thats a little tight but made to fit

    It does stick out a little though, but hey once you install your display and peripherals it's about the same clearance.

    Now let's fill her up why don't we

    trust me there is enough room for a gpu.
    But what about the hard drive???

    right there

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    What about that gpu 2

    and what about the GPU!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    well that is a long story so let's begin,
    I had done some research before deciding on the gpu and ended up with GTX 970, as some of you had already suspected.
    So I had gone ahead and ordered the 970 and a water block for it. when the water block arrived I checked if it would fit, and turns out I even have room to spare.
    but then the gpu arrived,

    seems like it's alright doesn't it.
    well once I opened the box I had realized that this was a wrong card, it was a reference design, as I looked specifically for that, but once you turn it over this happened:

    DAT PCB, has a unnecessary extension. I could of course saw the last bit off. however there are some resistors on the other side so I didn't want to take that gamble.
    So I returned it to the store and ordered a different one.

    I should have known better,

    Still seems alright doesn't it,

    NOPE, second time I got the wrong card.

    So third time's a charm, I went on ebay and searched for a different 970. I managed to find one, advertised as a Palit jetstream gtx 970 with the following serial number NE5X970H14G2J
    when looking up the serial number I was happy to see that palit mentions it as 3 mini DP, 1 mHDMI 2.0 and 1 DVI. this one would also be the one with the shorter PCB.
    so I went ahead and ordered the card.
    then when it arrived I was surprised.

    I mean like, that box is really big. just look at it

    Compared to a GTX TITAN box

    anyways I opened the little flap and saw the gpu

    meaning it was not a scam

    although I'm not done yet.

    look at the serial number and display outputs.

    THE WRONG CARD AGAIN, third time's a charm my a$$
    that one's going back as well, luckily for the seller, I didn't even bother opening the box so he is able to resell the same damn thing again.

    so conclusion, I'm pissed, So lets look at the fury nano then I guess.

    So that's the story for today, expect the gpu update, not any time soon I'll see what I can come up with.

    I'm hungry let's eat a waffle.

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    What is a "console pc" that doesn't have a controller? something that needs work

    So let's begin.
    First let's get a wireless receiver for some controller's. I'll be going with the 360 controllers because I have those laying around.

    In order to make it a more seamless end user experience I'll be mounting this inside the xbox. this will however require me to move the button to the outside and to make the usb cable shorter to then connect into the usb header for powering the touch sensor.

    The first step has to be taking it apart. it has no screws so I had to pry it open which destroyed the outer housing.

    the pcb is held in place with 2 screws so lets unscrew them and take the pcb out completely to start the work.

    UGHH, you see how those cable's are soldered, don't like it

    That's better a clean template.

    now I need to connect the switch to the switch that is on the side of the xbox.

    That is the ribbon cable for it.
    It's actually pretty impossible to work with when you cant use the connector that is meant for it on the(where the touch sensor is mounted, my sensor was so sensitive that it charged all the cable's)
    so I have to improvise

    Managed to get it to work, what I did was scrape away a bit of the plastic then push 2 pins through that are soldered on cable's. then make sure they touch the conductive material and secure it in place with some tape, because soldering melt's the plastic ribbon cable.

    now lets mount some cable's to the switch on the pcb,

    That's how it's supposed to be

    and here is the end result

    now lets do some measurements.
    not pressing the button needs to give me no conductivity

    That looks good, now for the tricky part, make a picture, press the button, and measure the resistance with just 2 hands.

    yeah you guessed it impossible, I asked my dad to press the button. there is some resistance but nothing game breaking since it makes clear contact.

    now lets tackle the usb cable

    well, not much better than the original soldering job is it :| what a shame

    And there's the finished result ish, afterwards I wrapped the entire thing in blue tape because I can't use the original housing anymore.

    anyway we need to see if it works before putting it in the final system, it would be a shame if it doesn't and I only figured it out when it was all put together.
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    Also, There's this thing

    1980 something space guy.

    But it's not really an update since you've seen him before.

    About the ssd however, also not an update. If you check some previous images you'll notice it has always been, there where it belongs. installed in the board.

    oops, did I open up the 850evo, my bad

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    Wow, opening the PSU !!!
    Serious work man. I don't mind a small bit of soldering, modding fan cables/ controllers and the like but the PSU !
    There'd be an explosion if I was to try that.

    Really looking forward to see how this turns out.

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