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    Maximus VIII Extreme/Assembly

    Recently purchased a Maximus VIII Extreme/Assembly and am only currently using the mobo. I have 100mbps connection,
    will I see any help from using the 10G Express card vs. the onboard ethernet?

    Also, I am using the ROG Front Base, and do not have use or space for the front audio panel that came with assembly. I usually plug my headphones to the
    back panel audio, and connect speakers to the pack panel. Am I missing any sound quality or benefit I am not seeing
    from not using the the front panel that came with mobo?

    Thanks for the feedback.

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    Easy. Test with onboard ethernet and test with the 10G Express card.

    As for the audio connectors, you need to plug your headphones in the front panel audio if you want to use SenseAMP.

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