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    Quote Originally Posted by SGMRock View Post
    I got those fan kits with my Corsair LPX Vengeance 3000 DDR 32GB kit, but the things don't fit on my RVE because the Fury X card is right up against the bottom RAM clips for the bank on the left side of the CPU so the thing wont clip on. I could possibly get it on the other side I guess but I only have 4 chips so they have gaps to cool off at least.
    The GSkill kit comes with an alternate clip for one side to address this issue that seems to work, but it is definitely a tight fit with the GPU, the monoblock and the shroud on the IO connectors.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cekim View Post
    Oh and if you are running a 1.35v kit, you may look at the silly DDR fans and think, "nah...", but think again. Those things pressed up against each other and running at 1.35v under load generate quite a bit of heat. GSkill and Dominator aren't throwing those in the kits to make you feel good about the extra $'s.
    Ive got nothing against fans (I have 13 of them in my case, granted they are all fixed at about 500 RPM and the things silent, but still 13 x fans is 13 fans. I swear you cant hear the case from 3 feet away though):

    But I'm running all 8 DIMMS at 1.35v (though its only 32GB total) and under marathon gaming sessions that roast the entire case through the slow oven effect, the RAM temps have never gone nuts.

    Shameless plug:

    This thread inspired me to make a newegg impulse buys and I ordered 2 x 32 GB kits, these:

    Damn I think 8 of them crammed in my case will look nice! Cant really afford to go the 128 GB route yet (and I want all 8 slots populated for looks, so 4 x 16GB kits are out of the question!)
    Carry on Sirs!
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    *CPU: Intel 10980XE @ 5.0 ghz (by Core usage) w/ EK monoblock
    *Mobo: Asus Rampage VIE
    *RAM: 64GB DDR4 3000 G.Skill TridentZ
    *Graphics: Gigabite 3090 Waterforce
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    *Storage OS: Samsung SM970 Pro (2TB) Windows 10
    *Storage Games Internal: 4TB 850 EVO RAID0
    *Storage Extermal: 48TB Raid0 (External USB 3.1 Box)
    *Case/PSU: Thermaltake V71 TG/RGB + 3 Rads (120mm, 360mm, 420mm) + Corsair AX1200i PSU

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    skypine27, I observed a very noticeable increase in heat from these guys (16G DIMMS) over the 8G DIMMS (4x8 = 32G). It may not have been fatal to have them passive-cooled only, but given that I run these things for days at a time with very large and random memory access applications running at 100%, I don't like having things running hot if they don't have to.

    Same goes for my CPU. I really don't like seeing sustained temps over 65C. So, you may find that the temps stay within "spec" even without a fan, but I'd suggest you make sure they do since the 16G sticks have a higher heat density (more hot stuff in the same hot space) than the 8G sticks AND they are packed in, so passive airflow is impeded. You may also find with lower density DIMMS it just isn't an issue. My 32G kit barely ever got warm to the touch.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Marvey View Post
    I saw one of the bios update to suport now 16gb dimms, so is possible to have 128gb with this board? at this moment i have 64gb ram and i would like to put 128gb can anyone confirm if it is possible in this board?
    thank you
    Well you can check my profile signature if you are interested on a 128Gb kit from GK. And it can be done, I'm running my at 2666Mhz @ 15-15-15-35-2T.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	diskbeanch.PNG 
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    This is aida64 showing you my OC and ROG Cpu-z showing you my amount of ram and timing.
    "I'm not an OCer just looking a good MENTOR". UyqtCojoXecQlo.".

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