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    Kernel-power critical error ID 41

    Hi again all!

    First of all, if this subject has already been fixed elsewhere. A link to that thread would be awesome!

    I've been out of the country for a while now and didn't bother to fix this issue with my computer before I left, but it is something that needs looking into. The computer crashes from easy tasks like just when I'm watching Netflix, but also while it is in Sleep mode for a long period of time (overnight for example) after waking it will crash completely about 3-4 minutes in. The freezes always turn the screen into a solid color and have a buzz sound for a short time before stopping, and a hard reset is necessary.

    The PSU in the computer is pretty much new, and this has been happening before I replaced it, so I do not believe it is a bad PSU (although I am aware there is a chance still).

    So my next guess would be my RAM, I've ran Memtest many times and have never had any issues come up with it. Sadly, I do not have a seperate set of RAM available to test it.

    My other thought could be that I have an instability issue with my processor, since this is the only common part with my build that has not changed (except RAM). Does this happen with stability issues? I don't know anything about stability so I figured I'd come here and ask.

    The weirdest part to me is that the freezing happens while watching Netflix but not something more taxing on the computer like gaming. Any ideas on what could be causing this and how to fix the issue?

    Thanks in advance!!

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    Take out RAM one at a time?

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    There's no way to reliably check ram, you can only get more and more accurate results the longer you run it

    chances are it is either the ram or the motherboard, your options are to either RMA your sticks of ram, test them individually
    (for as long as you can or want to) or contact your motherboard manufacturer and they will tell you to either flash your BIOS or
    RMA your motherboard if that didn't work

    RAM is difficult to figure out since the tests don't run through the RAM sequentially, since it is RAM anyway, and there's not much you
    can do about that besides run tests for longer and longer

    IIRC Kernel-Power isn't strictly a hardware problem even, from what I remember it basically means the computer was shut-down
    improperly (such as a hard reset) and sometimes that's really the only thing you can do. Kernel-Power errors themselves are logged or
    when you have to forcefully turn them off.

    There's more things it could be though, even power connections, I've just had the same issues and that's what I've found from it

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    Well, the most common reason responsible for the Kernel Power 41 error is the old corrupted sound card driver to try updating them. You can update them from the manufacturer website or from the Microsoft official website. You can also update the drivers automatically make use of the free Driver Booster.
    Apart from that turn off the fast startup option as this helped many users to fix the issue


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