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    Maximus VIII Extreme and OCZ RevoDrive3 x2 compatibility

    I have compatibility problem with my Ocz SSD drive on PCIE x4_4 slot. After reading the manual I set my graphic card (GTX 690) on 1st PCIe 3.0 x16/x8_1 slot (CPU lanes) and my SSD drive on PCIE x4_4 slot (PCH lanes). I believe that CPU provide all 16 lines to graphic, and chipset (20 DMI 3.0 lanes) will support PCIE 4th slot. Processor installed - 6700K.
    If OCZ drive occupied a slot PCIe 3.0 x4_2 or PCIe 3.0 x8/x4_3 slot then SSD drive works perfectly. But graphic card slow down to x8 mode (gen3) due to share CPU lines.
    If OCZ drive occupied PCIe 3.0 x4_4 slot, graphic card run at x16 Gen.3 lanes. Problem is that SSD drive freezes and all process are stopped. PC startup passes BIOS section and freeze before OS loading or directly in Windows. Sometimes OS system can work 5-10 min, sometimes freezes on Windows logo.
    OCZ drive is detected properly in BIOS (ver. 1504). AHCI mode is set. PCIE x4_4 bandwidth enabled to x4 mode. SATA6G-56 – not occupied. U.2 and M.2 – not occupied. DMI speed is down grade to Gen2. Various option in BIOS was tested and nothing helped.

    I read about this problem, but not the same.

    I believe that is BIOS configuration cause this problem or maybe AUSU not fully support OCZ PCI-E SSD drive?
    I know that my post can’t make any sense. But if somebody understand it and had similar problem please share some solution. I appreciate any answers and suggestions.

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    The RevoDrive3 is end of life and was designed for use with PCIe lanes from the CPU. I suggest using the drive in one of the working PCIe slots. X8 for the 690 will not result in any appreciable performance penalty.

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