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    New GPUs, Should I hold off?

    Recentally i've been considering purchasing a G752,
    Do you think its worth holding off until the pascal GPUs are released? If so should I hope that knocks down the price of the G752 or get a laptop with the new GPU?

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    Usually new ASUS models get released in November, so if that's ok with you, go with it.

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    It depends on what you realistically need from a GPU. If you are fine with gaming on a 1080p monitor at mid-high then you can go with a 970m. If you want ultra settings then go for a 980m. The new pascal series GPUs probably won't bring out any sort of revolutionary support for 1080p mobile gaming.

    If you really want to try 4k gaming on a laptop, then you are going to want to wait for the Pascal units, but even then they might not hold up too reliably for 4k for mobile units. It would be a wait and see situation.

    I say that if you want the laptop to play games, then waiting for months when you're not gaming is counter intuitive.
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    GTX1080m 8GB

    Never ending Race. But my suggestion is to wait. Since G752... Bug...Bug everywhere....

    FYI, Asus Notebook division are separated, So any complain or supports or Quality insurance are very poor now. And Mother ASUS won't care or take any responsibility on that.

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    At this point, they won't release any mobile GPU until next year, we soon in summer, there is few announcement but a doubt
    for a release of new mobile GPU in time for this year.

    To be honest most game don't even use 50% of the modern mobile GPU, most of the game are ported from weak hardware (console) that are well defined
    hardware so benefit a lot from optimization, you will be able to run all the actual games and next 2 to 3 years game without problem on
    actual mobile GPU and even previous one.

    And with the arrival of external GPU capability using usb-c, to be honest, it is a better solution for future gaming or heavy task usage.

    First revision of Pascal GPU won't be more powerful than Maxwell one due to similar component arch usage, Pascal first model will be
    a Maxwell 16mm with new features/more cuda core but nothing interesting yet, expect no more than 15% performance
    it will be good for energy usage but in terms of performance it would be a little bit better.

    Since they release the GTX 980 (not M) for Laptop, again I doubt you will see a pascal based GPU for this year on laptop, they
    can announce but won't be available before Q1 2017, so you have time and again it won't change that much, you
    you can buy a maxwell based laptop now is enoug + external GPU later (XG2 is coming)

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    Technology is ever evolving. If you wait for the next generation you will spend all of your time waiting. As soon as one is released the rumors start about the next.
    My advice. Buy what you want when you can source it for a decent price. Keep an eye out for sales and specials. I got my G752-DH72 for $1999, $500 under MSRP at the time of purchase. I have no complaints. The BIOS is still evolving as it will with any new platform. Some make a hasty call to judgement but fail to look at entire scope of things. This is a brand new platform, New chipset, new CPU etc. The only thing that is not new is the 980M GPU.
    The only thing that was bothering me on the G752VY was the back lights on the keyboard not lighting until after log in. Latest ATK package remedied that.

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