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    G752VT / VR Ready / XG2 Station 2 Inquiry.

    Friends, i have a question for the ROG thinktank. First, my setup.

    -ASUS ROG G752VT

    -Intel i7 6700HQ

    -Nvidia GTX970M

    -Up to date Bios, Updates, and Clean Windows 10 Install on a Samsung PM951 PCIe SSD

    After a recent Driver update from Nvidia, it checked to see if my computer is "VR Ready", and it looks like it falls just out of range because of the fact that you need a GTX980M in order to run anything VR on a Gaming Laptop. So, i was a little bummed out, but then i found an article about a device that would ideally be coming out soon.

    The XG2 Docking Station would allow me to connect to it my G752VT, and give me the extra Graphics ability i need in order to have it so my Laptop is "VR Ready".

    What i wanted to ask simply was that am i getting this right? Would getting my hands on this docking station, the necessary graphics card, and connecting it to this Laptop of mine allow me to obtain the extra graphical resources needed in order to use a VR Headset? Also, i'm aware that there might be a potential USB slot shortage, but i would find a workaround.

    I'd appreciate any feedback.

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