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    SONIC RADAR = BAN in Black ops 3 ?!?

    Hi everyone, my name is José Semedo, with the nickname of Truklash. I'm a game enthusiast but mostly, a electronic music producer and dj.

    Recently, i have acquired a new setup for my pc, a motherboard from Asus, the Maximus VIII Extreme and a Intel i7 6700k (...and etc) so basically this time using Windows OS, i have installed everything from scratch. Along with the motherboard, came one dvd with drivers and tools to install for its best performance, including the aplication Asus Sonic Plugins, with the 'Sonic Radar' included in the bundle. After installing all the drivers, i started downloading my games, including one of them i played the most at that time, 'Black Ops 3' from Activision.

    Well, 2 days after playing games with all the software installed that they included in this bundle, i received a message in the Black Ops 3 multiplayer in-game screen that i was 'temporarely banned' for 15 days and a 'stats reset' for using something what they call: "Unsupported Peripheral Devices and Applications".

    Actually, i had heard from that day that Black Ops 3 or Activision, had gone through some sort of ban wave among their players, but since this software was legit having the oficial brand from Asus it didn't even cross my mind to be worried about all those hackers all over the game, and seriously, i was kinda happy with it, so as everybody i know.

    Now, i ran through the operating system windows program features and, unninstaller and task manager to investigate all the softwares that i had installed on my setup and the only software that actually was working while black ops 3 was working was the 'ASUS SONIC RADAR'.

    On that same day, i sent a message to the activision support team and they quickly responded me that i 'violated their security polity', by that having make me temporarely banned from the game for 15 days out of the blue without any feedback from what exactly i was banned from (unknown source). (Honestly, the comments that they sent me, they shown me no preocupation neither consideration to know the source of the problem, not even to know what i was using at that moment, making me feel i was really wasting their own time... and mine!) (section13)

    As for the few words that came from the activision support staff directly to me from the support chat, they took these "apropriate actions" because I agreed with this 'security policy' when i installed the game, and also, any software i run is considered third party, not to mention that this application automatically starts up together with every game i have installed and running. They (activision support team) even said that i would have a 'intencional rank reset' afterwards for the game black ops 3 multiplayer, which left me completely in indignation. (Black ops 3 multiplayer level 546 with 94% objectives completed and dark matter camos).

    After asking for more answers, the activision staff ignored my questions regarding a way to find out which is the specific aplication that it was considered as a unsupported third-party application. In my point of view, they use this third-party security policy condition as a 'shield' for them not to have more work to clearify the ban causes, this would probably mean more work and less barbecues.

    So, to conclude the reason that i created this post, is basically and obviously to show my deeply indignation and that shown me there is some a lack of communication between asus and the activision company. All the softwares i use are mostly from asus and either way its this Sonic Radar or another application that came along with the motherboards bloody dvd... I don't suppose it could be about my razer ouroborus, my asus gtx970 with nvidia gf experience or the teamspeak that i usually use to speak with my team.

    Here's a video presentation making me 'think' that this app was optimized for games such as Activision Black Ops:

    Hope you guys don't get caught up in the same app-trap, because thanks for this situation i'm through with using third-party applications from asus, activision fps games or all together/alone, based in my assumption while for the most of the applications i have in my pc are mostly from asus and nothing more, not even any kind of hardware devices are connected to the pc unless the hardware by itself...

    Personally, i already regreted this update to this asus setup... my gameplay didn't deserved to be wiped out in a blast because this single aplication! I dare any Asus Oficial representative to prove me that i am wrong...

    Sadly, my regards to everyone.
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    Hi Klash

    Welcome to the ROG forum.

    It's more than likely punkbuster detected sonic radar as a cheat, you're not the first person I've seen report this with sonic radar. Uninstall sonic radar and you should be fine.

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    Hi Nate. Thank you for your time...

    I find a bit odd myself not beeing the first person to report this problem and, not finding any type of advice/warning refering this issue.

    How is this possible that nobody can even know where exactly the bundle is installing this application from. This dvd comes with a lot of applications all together in a couple of bundles.

    I can't install sonic radar if i don't find it in the unninstall feature from the Windows OS.

    Funny that i spent a good time looking for this issue (how to unninstall sonic radar) in the forum before i asked and i couldn't find a specific answer.


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    That's not cool, activision dumping your account without nary a warning and ignoring your requests for clarification is uncalled for. I don't have the program so I am uncertain what the uninstaller would be for but if it doesn't have its own uninstaller then it I would think it may be part of a parent program and modifying that program may allow you to uninstall sonic radar. some forum sites are stating its part of the audio driver setup package.

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    Revo uninstaller, it can hunt down programs and really kill them for good. I found this out due to norton becoming corrupted and trying to murder samsung migration tools and screwing up disc images, after corrupting itself(I uninstalled it before hand no less).

    It also features hunter mode, so it can uninstall from a finding a desktop window, and it will clear out the files the program used to use as well. And it's free (or at least has a free version).

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