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    Lightbulb GL552VW-DM351T Temperatures !

    Hello republic !
    I'd like to ask every owner of gl552vw what temperatures are you having on idle state and when playing games.
    And which temperatures are safe for this gaming machine. I bought this laptop 3 weeks ago, im very happy since everything is working very very well.
    Before i had few laptops so i know how to help him have a long and happy life.
    But as it is my first gaming laptop i need to know if temperatures like 75-82 gpu and almos the same on cpu are normal for this model when playing games like witcher 2?
    The laptop doesnt really seem hot, i would even say its really cold and normal , only the place where hot air has its exit has higher temperature, but thats normal i think.
    So for now you guys know my questions, i hope owners of gl552vw will reply on this post, and people with experience about gaming laptops will be able to help too !
    Thank you all in advance and have a nice day !
    Long live the republic !

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    Quote Originally Posted by MuTanTo View Post
    Hello republic !
    hi men, sorry for my english first of all
    i have GL552-dm141 960 2 gb i7 6700hq and my temperature in vga is 72 in vga after 10/15 minutes at project cars
    am caming here for the same reason, i don´t know what is the safe temperature, am warried.


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