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    Uninstall sonic studio ii

    Control panel wouldn't let me uninstall Sonic Studio. Only Change/Update it. some post somewhere said something about deleting the installed folder. Could not find it.
    Updated the realtek audio drivers.
    Opened the file location of sonic studio from control panel, which took me to a folder named SS2, inside an ASUS folder in Program Files. No uninstall option, so like the old days, deleted the SS2 folder, restart, no more sonic studio. Of course no more sonic radar either, I didn't need it anyway.

    Now I can plug in my Sennheiser and get back to the real stuff.

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    Storage #11TB SSD Crucial MX300
    Storage #2NVMe Samsung PM916
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    To uninstall Sonic Studio 2 you have to DESELECT them in the popping-up panel and press button to uninstall.

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    I have a questions, how to actually acknowledge asus about the audio issues? Realtek IC heating up which causing the audio crackling sound. No fix or statement release for 8 months after the products release.

    I manage to enjoy supreme sonic studio 2 with loud and superb sound quality BUT after hours of Realtek IC Heating, The Audio starts to cracks and goes BAD. THIS IS ANNOYING.

    So much tiredness, Administrator, you have closest connections to asus supports teams, i hope our voice can reach to the one who responsible for this. I've contacted local ASUS SUPER AUTHORIZED Supports, they just treat us like idiots.
    What if GX800 with 5999 USD also a BullshXTs ? i just kill my self then

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    I ended up returning my 752 back to vendor. I made another thread about same issue.

    Only way I could get som ok audio was with an usb or bluetooth headset, and to that price for a laptop i almost NEVER use in a room where a headset is needed ( I live alone and i play with tv in background) the worst, WORST speaker experience ever was reason enough for me to give the 752 the finger.
    ALtho the latop in it self was perfect, audio for me was so important it was a waste.

    If Logitech didnt stop selling theire Z305. I used that on my Asus G74sx and G750. I would probably have kept the 752..

    So yeah, a little comment from Asus would be nice.
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    ..and yes, I drive an electric car yo.

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    Graphics Card #2EVGA GFX Titan
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    Quote Originally Posted by JustinThyme View Post
    If you have the original factory image and didn't delete the recovery partition it will go back to factory default just like it was when you took it out of the box. I never had problems removing what I didn't want. And you are right, sonic studio is not available for download. Otherwise F9 will just prompt for the install media.
    I have the esupport folder available for the G752VY here. The Sonic Studio is in there somewhere. I'd say you should be able to use that for other G752 types as well, not?

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