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    G751JL display issues, randomly goes black for 2-4 seconds

    having some issues with my new gaming laptop, when ever i play any game, it does not matter what game it is, at random times while playing the game
    my laptop screen would go black for 2-4 seconds which is quite annoying since 2-4 matter a lot when playing online games.
    i don't know what to do, i've tried everything i could think of.
    updated graphics driver, clean installed them, resetted my laptop to factory configuration. tried using an external display and still nothing.
    it seems weird that i bought a gaming laptop and the only thing i cannot do is play games on it

    my laptop came with windows 10 installed
    heres a video showing what happends.
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    Laptop: G751JL
    Processor: i7-4750HQ
    Graphics Card: GTX 965M
    Memory: 8 GB Samsung (stock)
    Storage #1: Samsung 850 EVO 250gb
    Storage #2: 1 TB 7200 rpm (stock)
    OS: Windows 10 x64

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