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    Memory questions for Sabertooth X58

    I did not see a forum for the Sabertooth board, but I think this applies to all X58 chipsets.

    I am trying to choose ram for my Sabertooth X58mobo and i7-950 3.06 CPU. I am not a gamer and will not be doing any overclocking. This is a just a worksation. I have a coupla questions:

    1) As I understand it, if I am not going to overclock the cpu, then using ram that is faster than the 1366 cpu will only run at 1333. Is that correct?

    2) Since you can only use 1 DDR3-1600 dimm per channel, you can only get a max of 12GB. Is it better to go with 1333 that matches CPU and allows for 24GB if you want?

    3) What is the best way to get the Max 24GB?

    4) If I do go with 12GB of 1333, are there advantages either way of 3x4GB vs 6x2GB, cooling, speed, cost etc?

    5) lastly, proven recommendations of ram choices would be appreciated.

    Thanks for your thoughts....

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    moved this to the non ROG motherboard section.

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    1) Yes, you need to OC the CPU to take advantage of unofficial speeds (>1333mhz)

    2) interesting, link it if you readt that somewhere. Im not sure on that.

    3) 6 sticks of 4GB is the only way for now.

    4) The more sticks you have, the memory will tend to run hotter because of the lack of space (also depending if memory runs hot). and running 6 sticks will put more load
    on the CPU IMC, it will be a con if you OC later on.

    5) Any big brands are cool, but I suggest Corsair.

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    Thanks for the info....

    The single 4GB dimm per channel limitation is referenced as a intel spec in the manual: See section 2.4.2

    Once again, thanks for the info...

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