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    Enabling XMP makes my RAID disappear

    I have tried searching so this is not a double up, and I could not find anything that matched so I hope I am not doubling up.

    I have a ROG Rampage V Extreme updated to the ASUS released 2001 BIOS. For the first time, I enabled XMP as my Corsair Vengeance
    DDR4 3000Mhz, was only being seen as 2133Mhz. On reboot it went straight into BIOS as it said I had no boot drives. The RAM
    was happy and showed it's correct speed, but when I looked into the RAID section it could not see ANY of my drives, and nor could it
    see them anywhere in the BIOS even as standard drives.
    (And yes I did have RAID enabled)

    So does anyone know why enabling XMP kills RAID? It sucks because my whole system can't be sped up, much less my RAM thinking it's
    2133Mhz. Also with XMP disabled I can only use 16GB of memory.


    My Rig:
    Intel i7-5930K, Rampage V Extreme MB, 32 GB Corsair Vengeance DDR4 3000, XFX 295X2 (I have 2 of these, so 4 vid cards, but only 1
    is installed), Corsair AX1500i Digital Power Supply, Seagate SSHD 2TB x 2 (RAID 0), Samsung 840 EVO SSD x 2 (RAID 0),
    Samsung 850 EVO SSD x 2 (RAID 0), Sound Blaster ZxR DB Pro .... In an in desk "case" with both water cooling and air cooling

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