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    [Media Review] ROG G752VY | Big Bad Wolf

    Here's a great review featured by HardWareZone Malaysia on the ROG G752VY.

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    As preposterous as it might seem, not all gaming notebook manufacturers are recklessly determined to come up with machines that are as powerful and portable as technologically possible. Just take a look at ASUS, who recently unleashed the water-cooled monstrosity of a gaming notebook, the GX700. If you didn’t already know, the GX700 isn’t the only beast residing in ASUS’ ROG gaming notebook lineup, because there are also other specimens such as the ROG G752VY, which is just as impressive in its own right.

    So, is the ASUS ROG G752VY the gaming notebook for you? Well, if you’re looking for a gaming notebook that can effortlessly run almost every game there is despite having their graphics settings cranked up, then yes, by all means, go for it. It’s pretty much faultless in that regard.

    Though you might want to consider thinking things through if you’re searching for a gaming notebook that packs both power and portability, because the ROG G752VY is by no means a portable machine. Even if you don’t mind putting up with its imposing weight, you’ll still need to be on the constant lookout for a table or any surface area that’s spacious enough to accommodate its very large footprint, because you definitely wouldn’t want to be using it on your lap.

    This whole issue of portability can easily be averted if you’re going to mainly be using the ROG G752VY as a desktop replacement, but by doing so, you’d be introducing yourself to another problem – one that concerns its steep RM9,099 price tag. For that kind of money, you’ll probably be able to build yourself a fearsome desktop gaming rig of your own and have sufficient enough change to buy a bunch of games to test its mettle.

    The verdict!
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    For more full review article, check out HERE!

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